Melty Blood English v2.1 Released

Some people have recently reported a bug in Melty Blood English v2.0 where chapter titles and some dialogue scenes appeared in Japanese during the game’s story mode. We’ve isolated the cause of this problem and have released an updated translation patch. To update an existing installation, simply run the new installer and allow it to the install into the same directory as your existing game.

Melty Blood English v2.1
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Bug warning for Tsukihime v1.2

It has come to my attention that there is a huge problem with the Tsukihime v1.2 update installer: It *will* mess up your save files, and the only thing the user can do to prevent it is manually backing up the saves before upgrading. What’s worse is that, if you’re in bad luck, it might even destroy your Fate/stay night English saves…

My sincere apologies for this blunder, I will look into fixing this as soon as possible. In the mean time, please be very careful with the Tsukihime English v1.2 installer. To be on the safe side, I suggest just not using it at all.

April Fools: Tsukihime 2 English v1.0

As most of our readers undoubtedly are aware, things have been relatively quiet on for some time now. With the release of the perhaps the last free Windom translation (link) and our entire Melty Blood lineup (link), most of our projects have moved into a category best described as ‘finished and closed, barring some possible updated release some time in the future if we suddenly get inspired to update something’. This has led to the somewhat sad truth that we have only one project (link) listed as active, and that that project has not been very active at all, all things considered.

The problem mirror moon faces as a group is that most active members have progressed in their lives to a point where they do not have a lot of free time to spend on ‘other things’, so that doing large scale translation projects becomes very difficult. And that’s not something easily fixed, because publicly asking for new group members is the best way to not get the people we want.

However, all is not lost! For while the active projects have not been making quick progress, there has been this little project (link) not listed on the main page at all, and it has actually seen a lot of work done over the past year. That is right, we have kept our promise. It may have been dismissed as a joke, but after one year, we really do release the one thing no one ever expected us to release.

Thus it is with fitting pride, and a great sense of accomplishment, that we today release:

Tsukihime 2 English v1.0


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Happy April Fools. Please see the Fool’s Errand project page (link) for information on this release.

Melty Blood Release Flurry

It is with fitting pride that we present to you: the full set of Melty Blood games, as they were released for the PC, fully translated to English. Please enjoy these releases as thoroughly as possible!

Melty Blood PC Version Panoply

Melty Blood Trial English:

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Melty Blood ReACT Trial English:

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Melty Blood Act Cadenza Trial English:

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Melty Blood English:

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Melty Blood ReACT English:

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Melty Blood Act Cadenza English:

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You can buy Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver.B at HimeyaShop. Unforunately it has become increasingly difficult to buy the original Melty Blood and Melty Blood ReACT in American (web)stores over the past year. Please make sure to avoid the bootleg DVDs and other illegal copies. Don’t pay for an illegal version that you cannot use!

Same as our other releases, there is to be no discussion of obtaining the games via illegal means. In fact, there should never be discussion of obtaining the games via illegal means. If you want to see more of these games, support them by purchasing their games. We do not want to see our patches hosted or distributed with any illegal copies of the games.

Fate/stay night English v3.2

Thanks to the people who've reported bugs and problems they experienced with the previous version, today we release Fate/stay night English v3.2. This new release fixes a crashing bug in the voiced UBW route, as well as the CD version installation failure on Windows Vista x64. Also we've finally gotten rid of that infernal debug mode properly. >_>

As usual, you can use the v3.2 installer to update any previous version.

Fate/stay night English v3.2

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You can buy the games below:
Fate/stay night DVD Edition
Fate/stay night Realta Nua Standard Edition