Sengoku Rance

Sengoku Rance


Game Information:

Getchu link: Here (NSFW)
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Summary: In the east of the continent lies an island country called Japan. Many feudal lords are fighting for supremacy in this country at this age of civil wars. Rance, who is called a brute and has done as he pleases in the continent, has come to Japan with his slave, Sill.
Hot spring vacation?
No. He is going to go to the hot spring, but Rance’s intention is to have sex with all the beautiful princess, maid, miko, and townswomen. He is especially interested in Princess Kou of the Oda family, the strongest force in Japan.
This is a strategy game where Rance fights in Japan.

Patch Download Link:

  • Translation patch version 1.01 released here!

Project Members:

  • Translation: TakaJun
  • Tools: phiber, zalas
  • Editing: Kjoery, SlashZero, TRA
  • Image editing: Vivio
  • Installer and hacking: ArchDemon
  • Beta-testing: Ark, Balcerzak, Fluorite, Kjoery, SlashZero, TakaJun