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Melty Blood Trial English v1.0:

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Melty Blood English v2.1:

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Melty Blood is the awesome sequel to the extremely popular Tsukihime (Moon Princess) by TYPE MOON. Unlike Tsukihime, which was a digital novel with hentai scenes and a kickass story line, Melty Blood is a 2D PC fighting game with an awesome engine and a kickass storyline (no hentai, sorry pervs). Looking at pics cannot explain how great this game looks in action. Fluid animations, debatably the best voice overs for any fighting game, and an incredibly catchy soundtrack create one of the most memorable gaming experiences out there.

In Japan, Tsukihime has spawned a TV anime series, as well as other games, including the Tsukihime PLUS-DISC, Kagetsu Tohya, the add-on Melty Blood ReACT, the arcade adaption Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, the PS2 version of Melty Blood: Act Cadenza, and the upcoming Melty Blood Act Cadenza Ver. B for Windows!

Current Project Members

  • TheXev – Project Leader, Programmer/Hacker
  • ArchDemon – New Project Leader, Programmer/Hacker
  • Ryuusoul – Translator-in-Arms
  • Message – Release Engineer Extraordinaire
  • Daichi – Photoshop Master of the World
  • puKKa – Image Editing Emperor
  • md – Editor-in-Chief
  • roxfan – Tool Programming Wizard

Old Project Members

  • TheXev – Project Leader, Programmer/Hacker
  • Gavionne – 1337 Tool Programmer
  • Daichi – Photoshop Master of the World
  • ScriptDoc – Dialogue and manual translation
  • tjm – Dialogue Translation
  • Shih Tzu – Menu translation
  • The Spatula – Menu translation

Game Information

System: PC
Developer: Watanabe Productions/Type-Moon
Release Date: 2002/12/30
Media: 1 CD
System Requirements (from Online Manual):

OS Compatible with AT computers running Windows 98/NT/ME/XP
(Not supported for use with NEC PC-98 and other 98 series computers,
or computers running Win95)
Requires DirectX 8.1 or later
CPU Pentium II or Celeron 330Mhz or greater (recommend Pentium III
450Mhz or greater)
Memory 64MB or greater (128MB or greater recommended)
VGA Direct3D card or compatible with at least 640×480 resolution and
65536 colors.
For high speed, VRAM16MB. (Recommended: GeForce256 or better)
Sound DirectSound or compatible (required)
Peripherals 4-button gamepad recommended
(Keyboards do not support simultaneous pressing of multiple keys)


COMPLETE: In summer of 2005, Ryuusoul retranslated a few scenes, but took a hiatus from the translation scene until Spring 2006, at which point he restarted most everything from scratch. Both Melty Blood and the add-on Melty Blood ReAct were completely translated as of early June 2006. We released the full patch for Melty Blood on 28 April 2007 and the full ReAct patch on 18 July 2007.


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      • The regular download links are all working again. All our RapidShare files were deleted by RapidShare without warning because we didn’t log in since October, even though we’re a paying customer. Great service! We’ll get them back online soon, too.

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  2. Hi, we’re a team of Italian translators and, basing on your translation, we want to realize an our one all melty, but, first of all, we need you to allow us that. Then, we noticed text is crypted so, if it is not a problem, can you give us the key to decrypt it? Thanks a lot and forgive us if we distrubed you.

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