Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code

Project Members

  • Project Leader ArchDemon (executive director)
  • Translation Yoten (story scripts and win quotes) Raze (win quotes and command lists) Kaens (story scripts and win quotes) ArchDemon (launcher and in-game menus)
  • Script Editing Dark Pulse (master wordsmith)
  • Tools Programming phiber (repacker tool) roxfan (font tool) zalas (VASTT hacking tool)
  • Quality Checking ArchDemon (text and images) Yoten (story scripts and win quotes) Dark Pulse (story scripts and win quotes) Raze (win quotes and command lists) TakaJun (launcher and in-game menus) Message (command lists)
  • Release Engineering ArchDemon (patch builder) Message (installer guru)
  • Image Editing Daichi (photoshop wizard)
  • Contributions Ryuusoul (miscellaneous translations) NeroLarc (name pointers for replay menu) erks (game engine window commands) ALNo23 (mbaacctool modifications) mauve (mbaacctool creator) omegasonic (extra arcade scripts)
  • Special Thanks TheXev (the guy who started it all) puKKa (image editor extraordinaire) graus (the distro guy) PanicAttack (old school tester) teus (old school tester) sebasdoes (old school tester)
  • Updates have been moved to the forums.

    Homepage (Japanese)
    Update page (Japanese)

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