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Game Information:

Title: Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai!! (真剣で私に恋しなさい!!)
Getchu link: Here (NSFW)
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Summary: We spent the days among a casual group of friends, not knowing how precious these days were.
The second-year student of the Kawakami Academy, Naoe Yamato, had valuable friends.
Four boys and three girls. They’ve grown up together, doing silly things since they were small.
Many things happened, but they’re all still friends. It’s a comfortable atmosphere.
Two new members join the group, and their world gets even more rowdy.
All the girls in the group know martial arts and have samurai blood.
Don’t lose against the gallant girls, boys.
April, 2009. The story begins to move…

Patch Download Link:

Project Members:

  • Translation: TakaJun
  • Tools & Programming: ArchDemon, zalas
  • Image editing: Vivio
  • Editing: Ark, SlashZero, TRA
  • Beta-testing: Angeldeath, Ark, Fishin, Fluorite, Kurisukun, Mentar, Shikiller, Shrimpy, SlashZero, TakaJun, TRA, VaSSago, Vivio