A short story – stuff is back online.

ArchDemon said I should write a short story, here it is:

TheXev: What should I write a story about?

Rising: I don’t know, you’ll think of something.

TheXev: Why am I talking to you?

Rising: Because talking to yourself is the only real intelligent conversation you get on most days.

*bud-um chee*

TheXev: Point taken.

Rising: You could talk about your Kamen Rider script or something.

TheXev: Naw, I’ve been lazy and haven’t worked on it lately. Too much personal stuff in the way.

Rising: You could talk about your gag series, Kamen Rider Spork.

TheXev: Great idea!

Kamen Rider Spork was a stupid idea I came up with after watching the very first episode of Kamen Rider W. Instead of a W belt, he has a X belt that he can put a fork and spoon into, transforming into Kamen Rider Spork. He is both a fork and a spoon!

Kamen Rider Spork

Rising: Is that what he looks like? He looks more like Sonic the Hedgehog like that. I think I’ve seen something like him befor-

TheXev: Listen, I haven’t drawn anything really awesome since High School, okay?

Rising: That 3 page comic you drew of Planetarion back in 2000 during Round 3 doesn’t count.

TheXev: I had a whole lot more planned for that!

Rising: Ohh, you were going to show poop coming out of interceptors, how original!

TheXev: I was going to have Planet Chev turn out to be one huge turret!

Rising: Cloaked PDS would have ruined the game.

TheXev: Any more then adding races did?

Rising: Touché

TheXev: This is wandering off topic, I’ve been watching too much Gintama.

Rising: I’ll say, but no one knows what it is because it didn’t get fansubbed past the first/second ep special for such a long time.

TheXev: You can always get it at crunchyroll children.

Rising: Are you sure you don’t want to give up on me and write a comedy instead?

TheXev: I’ll save that for Drift Sentai TougeRanger.

TougeBlue: Why am I here?

TheXev: Because no one knows who TougeRed is.

Rising: Get him out of here; your A.D.D. is getting in the way!

TougeBlue: I’ll just stand here and be quiet.

TheXev: Right, as I was saying…

Rising: You haven’t said anything this whole time.

TheXev: …It’s an important announcement.

Rising: Don’t bump the links with this post, you’ll anger the Anon’s.

TheXev: I’m pretty sure we won’t do that again.

Rising: Anyway, that Kamen Rider Spork picture, he looks constipated.

TheXev: Not anymore then Kenzaki.

Rising: Mad burn, but I think Kenzaki only gets constipated while he’s transformed.

TheXev: I totally agree.

Rising: Now, when you transform into me, you’ll probably have to turn back all the time during battle just so you can pee.

TheXev: No way, this is why we’ll use stunt doubles.

Rising: It’s not because you are a complete wuss?

TheXev: That’s right, it’s because when they are filming the action, I’ll be secretly off peeing somewhere.

ArchDemon: Xev, what are you doing?

TheXev: Writing a short story.

ArchDemon: This isn’t what I meant for you to do.

Rising: You’re so dense.

TheXev: You’re me too, so stop making fun of yourself!

ArchDemon: Tell them that revolve-trans.org is back up.

TheXev: Why?

ArchDemon: Because that is what I was suggesting all along.

TheXev: You just did it for me, so I won’t do it now.

ArchDemon: No, you do it yourself.

Rising: How about I do it?

ArchDemon: Sure, you’re just Xev talking to himself anyway.

TheXev: Don’t do it, it’s a trick. If you click the link Sakuranbou will play forever !

Rising: Revolve-trans.org is officially back online! Don’t expect much…

TougeBlue: This better not be Mou Ikkai!

TheXev: No, THIS is Mou Ikkai, Rising is correct!

Rising: This doesn’t look good in IE.

TheXev: Get a new browser!!!

Enjoy revolve-trans.org being online again… I don’t really know what good it will do ya, but perhaps we’ll do something with it… eventually.

*edit – Friday morning*
Rising: Did you know your short story draft crashed mirrormoon.org?

TheXev: It’s only because this story was so awesome.

Rising: About as awesome as your face?

TheXev: You’re me! Stop making fun of yourself!

TougeBlue: I’m doing donuts in my car! Weee!

TheXev & Rising: No one cares, Paul.

TougeBlue: I can tandem drift! You can tandem talk at the same time! That’s so weird! At least I didn’t crash the server with this post!

TheXev & Rising: It wasn’t me, the server moved!

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