More on “Rising”

For anyone on planet earth left caring, I am still working on one of my idea’s that I blogged about a few years ago… and it is actually progressing. I have thought of a decent back plot, which is something that I wasn’t able to think of until doing more research into my idea. Now it makes simple sense… and my pilot script is flowing pretty naturally.

It seems my idea to back track and watch Kamen Rider Blade was a wise one after taking nearly a month off my pilot script. I have been further encouraged by the few people that have read my script up till now that I seem to be on a much better track. I may have even found a way to remove the dreaded “getting hit by a truck” thing to put Rising into a coma… instead something far more sinister may occur.

Getting to this point was rocky. Now that I am unemployed and have tons of free time, I am more easily able to focus on my writing then before. I think the real breakthroughs came between reading more about Egyptian gods and watching Blade more than anything. It is really difficult to find information on Egyptian gods rather than say, Roman… which is why you see more media being made in that. I’ve really found what little can be found to be quiet captivating and refreshing. Even though I highly doubt I have done enough research into the subject.

On another note, I started a twitter account. Since “TheXev” appears to have been taken by some spambot, I have decided to use a new nickname of “RisingStart” which I had been considering moving to for quite awhile. I just it kinda strange that twitting took off so fast, while idea’s like boxthought.. or was it thoughtbox? Gah who knows.. were similar, yet didn’t take off. I suppose this can go back to Twitter being easy and allowing you post repeatedly under a username, where as boxthought/thoughtbox made you wait and hour to post again, and your username was only a series of numbers that weren’t allowed to mean anything (even though I made mine my ICQ UIN lol).

I was even thinking it might be fun to try and find some independent artist that are interested in doing artwork or concept art for this, but I’ll save that for another time… I highly doubt mainstream Kamen Rider fans are even aware of my venture, let alone care about it.

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