Bootfighter Windom XP SP-2

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Bootfighter Windom XP sp-2.NET v1.031 (stand-alone installer):

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Giant Robots. One-on-one beam saber action. Macross Missile Massacre (tm). The only thing that would make this game better would be online multi-player capability. Oh yeah, it has that too.

This free Gundam clone offers surprisingly addicting gameplay and lets you indulge that fantasy you've always had ever since you saw your first Gundam anime. 3-D arenas pitting teams of mecha against each other makes the gameplay just like the Gundam Arcade game in Japan, which is similar to Armored Core and Virtual On, but you don't have to blow 100 yen each time you want to play.

Produced by Y. Kamada (YSK), who has given us his approval to make this installer, this game has the following ways of giving you your Gundam-piloting fix:

  • Survival Mode: Fight until you drop.
  • Practice Mode: Go ahead, bully the defenseless computer!
  • Team Battle Mode: Ever wonder what it was like to pit one army of mecha against another?
  • Blitz Tactics Mode: One army versus another, but with giant warships too.
  • Online Contest Mode: Because destroying your friends is always more satisfying.
  • Custom Pilot Creation: We all love the default cat pilots, but the game also includes the option of using your own avatar pic and different voiced effects, even your own! Don't worry, the cats aren't offended. Base Installer includes custom Ryuusoul pilot (my ego knows no bounds).

Watch gameplay movie here!

Find out what kept the staff staying up all night the first time they played it!

To simplify the process, we have started with version 1.020 and created a stand alone installer with YSK's permission. In other words, all you need to download is this installer and it will install a full English version. We will release update patches incrementally as YSK provides updates for his original Japanese version. He does this quite frequently and we will do our best to keep up with his rolling patches.

Check the original site out here

The below files are not necessary to install the English version, but are provided as a courtesy to YSK (and for those with a burning desire to play in Japanese).

Direct link to original game

Direct link to Japanese update page


Original Game Producer

Y. Kamada (YSK)



Programming/Hacking/Release Engineering


Image editing/Playing


Proofing/Presentation/Playing (I got the easy job)


Tools programming


Special Thanks

Y. Kamada (YSK)


Update log

Ver 1.031
-Fixed chat-related server processes
-Fixed a bug where the game starts slowly when there are lots of pilots
-Changed some text due to string length limitations in the new executable
-Frame selection -> Pick frame
-Online competition mode -> Online contest mode
-Rewrote the installer
-Added Music data start menu link
-Fixed some bugs

Ver 1.030+
-Included separate v1.028 executables
-No optimizations to shader processing speed
(Improves overall game speed, especially in Blitz tactics mode)
-No lock-on system
-No test keys in practice mode
-No EX gauge usage of melee attack cancel
-No mech image during survival result screen
-No map in radar
-Transformation movement might glitch
-Pressing "V" during transformation cancels the transformation
-Included DirectX December 2006 runtime
-Included Visual C++ 2003 runtime

Ver 1.030
-Fixed error in lock-on alert
-Added lock-on alert switch button: F6 key toggles between only one mech->disable all->
enable all
-Melee attack cancel EX gauge usage changed from 1/3 to 1/4

Ver 1.029
-New lock-on alert system added
-Added test keys to practice mode
-Ctrl+0: Level down opponent (0 being the lowest. Will only lower the level of the
initial opponent)
-Ctrl+1: Level up opponent (10 being the highest. Will only raise the level of the
initial opponent)
-Ctrl+2: Add random opponent (Does not move)
-Ctrl+3: Add random opponent (Level 1 opponent)
-Ctrl+4: Adds your mech (Does not move)
-Ctrl+5: Adds your mech (Copies your moves)
-Ctrl+9: Destroy all summoned mechs
-Re-added EX gauge usage of melee attack cancel even when the attack hits
-1/3 EX gauge is used when the attack is successful, compared to when the attack misses
-Fixed EX gauge usage of melee attack cancel guard
-Fixed bug where pressing "V" during transformation cancels the transformation
-Added simple map in radar
-Added mech image during survival result screen
-Fixed transformation movement
-Improved shader processing speed
-Windom Vista adjustment
-Decreased some melee attack damage
-Decreased beam rifle damage
-Windom 2k adjustment
-Increased beam rifle damage
-Windom XP type-B adjustment
-Added right melee attack: anti-aircraft cannon
-Added back melee attack: rapid-fire cannon
-Windom Black Selena adjustment
-Increased damage of laser weapons
-Increased length of double saber
-Changed motion of melee attack
-Windom XP sp-3 adjustment
-Decreased opening of beam rifle rapid-fire
-Changed attack type of all-range attack
-Linux Iris adjustment
-Added back melee attack: Give allies your crystals
-Added new crystal: crystal "heal"
-Linux Anthurium adjustment
-Fixed Buster Launcher

Ver 1.028
-Fixed bug where shadow is not properly displayed on fairly new graphic boards
-Fixed BGM selection specification in standby room. You can only select the sound files
in MyBgm folder within the Sound folder
-The stage BGM will be used if MyBgm folder is empty
-Linux Cymbidium adjustment
-Decreased melee attack damage
-Increased boost

Ver 1.027
-Implemented pilot data ver. 2
-Can create pilot.spt in pilot folder to add pilot details (Pilot will be treated as
ver. 1 pilot without the pilot.spt)
-Can assign image animation and voice playback timing by changing the script in
-Removed systematic limitation of file name, 0-9.ogg
-Added Ace Nuko's older brother as reference sample pilot
-Fixed bug where voice is not played when voice is supposed to play
-Changed so 0-9 key messages show up even during one-player mode
-Increased camera rotation speed during target change
-Added BGM selection in standby room. Will auto-recognize the ogg files in Sound folder
-Fixed bug where pilot image is not displayed properly during online play
-Fixed bug where ogg files of pilot data ver. 2 were not properly transmitted

Ver 1.026
-Added "cancel boost dash" (Boost dash version of melee attack cancel)
-Increased EX gauge usage of melee attack cancel
-Added display of enemy EX gauge
-Added function so server can chat, kick, and change room message
-Added function so server's room message is saved
-Increased EX gauge usage of emergency dodge (2.5 gauge for hit, 1.5 gauge for on
-Linux Anthurium adjustment
-Changed guard duration of emergency dodge to 5 frames
-Decreased movement distance of shield dash
-Linux Cymbidium adjustment
-Decreased HP
-Decreased boost
-WindomXP sp-3 adjustment
-Decreased HP
-Decreased boost
-Decreased weapon energy
-WindomXP type-B adjustment
-Increased boost
-Windom Blackcomb adjustment
-Changed guard duration of emergency dodge to 5 frames
-Decreased movement distance of shield dash

Ver 1.025
-Fixed bug of not being able to cancel guard
-Fixed bug that automatically readies you in standby room

Ver 1.024
-Added "emergency evasion" to all mecha. Activated by pressing jump and main weapon
button while receiving damage (uses 2 gauges) and can also be used when on the ground
(uses 1 gauge)
-Will step back while guarding. The guard can block melee attacks, but does not repel
opponents away
-The knockdown rate will be reset
-The guard will be activated even for Blackcomb and Anthurium
-Reduced overall speed of sword dash
-Fixed bug of aura blade remaining even after getting killed
-Fixed weird time in time survival mode
-Windom Anthurium adjustment
-Added guard dash. Backstep
-MS 98 adjustment
-Millennium adjustment
-Millennium-R adjustment
-Fixed bug where the first melee attack does not cause knockback
-Windom XP adjustment
-Fixed bug where boost dash shooting shoots off in strange directions
-Linux Iris adjustment
-Added guard dash. Backstep
-Increased speed of melee attacks
-Windom Blackcomb adjustment
-Added guard dash. Backstep

Ver 1.023
-Fixed the bug of lasers deflecting to strange directions.
-Windom Blackcomb adjustment
-Fixed bug where pressing the V button does not activate reflect shield
-Increased main weapon damage
-Increased main weapon energy usage
-Linux Cymbidium adjustment
-Increased knockdown rate of melee attacks
-WindomXP sp-3 adjustment
-Reduced homing ability of melee attacks
-Reduced homing ability of shield boomerang

Ver 1.022
-Reduced AI's guard rate at low levels
-Added new mech, Millennium-R (rifle)
-Added new mech, WindomXP sp-3
-MS98 adjustment
-Reduced delay for machine gun
-Reduced opening after machine gun rapid fire
-Reduced melee attack damage
-Windom Vista adjustment
-Reduced melee attack damage
-Windom Blackcomb adjustment
-Reduced main weapon damage
-Increased opening after high-output laser
-Changed hit number on some melee attacks
-WindomXP type-B adjustment
-Changed leg model
-Reduced damage of cannon
-Reduced rotation speed during cannon attack
-Linux Iris adjustment
-Increased HP
-Linux Cymbidium adjustment
-Reduced some pauses in some melee attacks
-Reduced knockdown rate of melee attacks
-Reduced opening during aura blade
-Aura blade does not go away with damage
-Increased HP

Ver 1.021
-Invincibility after standing up disappears if you do any sort of an attack
-Fixed bug of not going back to standby room after time survival
-Texture related program fixed
-Fixed bug of error during laser reflection
-Windom Blackcomb adjustment
-Reduced energy usage of main weapon
-Reduced opening after high-output laser
-Increased laser reflect rate to 100% during high-output laser attack

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