MBAACC English Beta 20150901 + Extras Released!

We have a treat for you today! MBAACC English Beta 20150901 includes the edited scenarios for Kohaku and Arima Miyako as well as the edited win quotes for Neco Arc Chaos and Dust of Osiris. This patch is also released simultaneously with the edited English Opening movie and the MBAACC English Announcer Voice Selector! The voice selector lets you choose between 14 different voices from various Melty Blood games to announce your matches!

Mad props to Erkz for helping us figure out how to extract the voices from MBAC on the PS2.

The files can be downloaded from the links below.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code English Beta 20150901:

[MediaFire] [MD5 Checksum] Note: Use 7-zip or compatible to extract.

MBAACC English Announcer Voice Selector v1.0:

[MediaFire] [MD5 Checksum]

MBAACC English Opening movie:

[MediaFire] [MD5 Checksum]

Forum links:

[Detailed progress thread]
[Typo and bug reports]

MBAACC English Beta 20150724 Released

MBAACC English Beta 20150724 adds new name tag images for arcade mode to translate names into English and the KO screen to fix spelling errors. The script files were also audited with some minor coding errors removed. The patch can be downloaded from the links below.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code English Beta 20150724:

[MediaFire] [MD5 File]

Forum links:

[Detailed progress thread]
[Typo and bug reports]

MBAACC English Beta 20150714 Released

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while since we made an update on the main site, but better late than never. There’s been a lot of things happening in real life with various group members, but we’ve never stopped working on our projects, and here is the proof.

MBAACC English Beta 20150714 contains over 50% of the edited scenarios and win quotes which include: Sion, Arcueid, Ciel, Akiha, Hisui & Kohaku, Hisui, Tohno Shiki, Wallachia, Vampire Sion, Berserk Arcueid, Yumizuka Satsuki, White Len, Kishima Kouma, Tohno Akiha (Seifuku), Riesbyfe and Ryougi Shiki. As an added bonus, we’ve also included the edited scenario and translated win quotes for Neco Arc Chaos. The patch can be downloaded from the links below. Enjoy!

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code English Beta 20150714:

[MediaFire] [MD5 File]

Forum links:

[Detailed progress thread]
[Typo and bug reports]

Ye Newe Website

Like I promised, it’s time for a bit more information on the server move and site upgrade. In short terms: we got fed up with that trainwreck drupal, and converted everything to WordPress. Upside for us: It’s much easier to work with. Upside for you: We were finally able to re-enable comments without fear for spamfloods. So in the off-chance case that we say something interesting in the future, feel free to speak your mind about it.

Most project pages still have broken screenshots, but the post contents should all be checked and working. If you find some broken links, broken text, or missing pages, please let us know by posting a comment here, or in this forum thread.

One other thing to point out: We’ve once again created both a black and a white theme for the site. To choose your theme, register an account and log in, open Site Admin in the side menu, and click Profile. You may also disable the WordPress toolbar there, which appears by default after you log in.

White Theme
Black Theme

We would like to express our sincere thanks to dovac for hosting mirror moon and its forums for the past few years, and for making sure things kept running smoothly all this time.


Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code English v0.5

As promised before, today we release the partial translation of MBAACC. The translation includes the v1.4.0 update of the Japanese game, so all that’s required to install MBAACC English is the original Japanese DVD. Existing installations of MBAACC can also be patched, as usual.

The translation currently covers the ingame menus, and all command lists. Story mode, win quotes and most of the images remain in Japanese at this point. Updated versions will be released as the progress improves with any significant amount.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code English v0.51:

[US mirror] [EU mirror]

Forum links:

[Melty Blood Chat]
[Typo and bug reports]

Edit: Fixed a bug causing full install and reinstall modes to copy the wrong MBAA.exe. v0.51 now online.

April Fools – Melty Blood Pantsu Patch now also in English!

Ever since we announced the Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code translation project (we’re still working hard on that!), we have been thinking how nice it would be to really translate *every* edition of Melty Blood for the PC. And of course we already have most of them down, including their demo versions.

But as ridiculous as we think the final piece is, we figured our collection would never be complete if we didn’t translate the last remaining “upgrade” to MBAC.

Today we are very proud depressed to release Melty Blood Act Candenza Pantsu Patch English v1.0. Please see the project page for details. (Note: not entirely worksafe.)

If your seeing this, the site is back online!

Site is back online! Our hosting required some new hardware, so if you are seeing this, we are back online and ready to go! DNS had to be updated, so it might take a few days for everyone to see us online again!