Farland Symphony


Farland Symphony English v1.22:

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A distant land where all of the Essences mix together.

These Essences have been made by the Gods of Red, Blue, Yellow, and Green,
and the land is composed of these four natural powers.

In a forest village where the people look up to the Green God,
Adi, who is surrounded by kind people and abundant nature,
matures as a healthy and honest boy.

But one day, his peaceful life comes to an end with an attack from unknown enemies and the disappearance of his master.

“I can’t just stay here!”

Joined by his steadfast childhood friend, Saia, and his master’s friend, Mo,
Adi starts his journey into the unknown world.

Current Project Members

  • ArchDemon – Project Lead/Script Editing/Hacking/Release Engineering/Beta Testing
  • TakaJun – Translation/Script Editing/Beta Testing
  • md – Script Editing
  • Daichi – Graphics Editing
  • phiber – Hacking
  • CyberWarriorX – Tools Programming
  • SupernaturalDream – Tools Programming
  • Kaens – Tools Programming
  • Danj – Beta Testing
  • Yuta – Beta Testing
  • Setsuna – Beta Testing
  • Gillian_Seed – Beta Testing
  • Balcerzak – Beta Testing
  • Graus – Beta Testing
  • TRA – Beta Testing
  • Message – Special Thanks
  • TheXev – Special Thanks

Old Project Members

  • Soulfang – Project Lead/Hacker/Programmer
  • TheXev – Hacker/Programmer
  • alerith – Translator
  • CyberWarriorX – Tools Programmer

Game Information

System: PC

Developer: TGL (Archived)

Release Date: 2002/04/21

Media: 1 CD/DVD

System Requirements:

  • Minimum: Pentium MMX 200MHz / RAM 64MB / DirectX 7.0
  • Recommended: Pentium II 300MHz / RAM 96MB


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