Brass Restoration

Brass Restoration


Game Information:

Summary: The main character, Takiguchi Ryo, is a genius percussionist in high school who had a bright future ahead of him.
But he loses his left arm in an accident.
The accident causes him to throw away his dream to become a percussionist like his father, and he loses all hope in life.
Ryo tries to abandon music, but the girls around him encourage him to take up music once again.
Will he be able to find hope in his life and a passion for music in spite of his handicap…?

System: PC

Developer: Twincle Drop (Archive)

Release Date: 2004/07

Media: Web download

System Requirements:

  • Minimum: Celeron 333MHz / Windows 98
  • Recommended: Pentium III 1GHz or higher / Windows XP

Walkthrough of the game here.
Brass Restoration forum (please report typos and bugs here too) (Archive)

Game Download Link:

Full game released here!!

Project Members:

  • TakaJun – Translator
  • ArchDemon – Programming
  • Balcerzak – Proofer/Editor
  • Kjoery – Beta tester
  • s3ven – Beta tester