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Like I promised, it’s time for a bit more information on the server move and site upgrade. In short terms: we got fed up with that trainwreck drupal, and converted everything to WordPress. Upside for us: It’s much easier to work with. Upside for you: We were finally able to re-enable comments without fear for spamfloods. So in the off-chance case that we say something interesting in the future, feel free to speak your mind about it.

Most project pages still have broken screenshots, but the post contents should all be checked and working. If you find some broken links, broken text, or missing pages, please let us know by posting a comment here, or in this forum thread.

One other thing to point out: We’ve once again created both a black and a white theme for the site. To choose your theme, register an account and log in, open Site Admin in the side menu, and click Profile. You may also disable the WordPress toolbar there, which appears by default after you log in.

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We would like to express our sincere thanks to dovac for hosting mirror moon and its forums for the past few years, and for making sure things kept running smoothly all this time.


Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code English v0.5

As promised before, today we release the partial translation of MBAACC. The translation includes the v1.4.0 update of the Japanese game, so all that’s required to install MBAACC English is the original Japanese DVD. Existing installations of MBAACC can also be patched, as usual.

The translation currently covers the ingame menus, and all command lists. Story mode, win quotes and most of the images remain in Japanese at this point. Updated versions will be released as the progress improves with any significant amount.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code English v0.51:

[US mirror] [EU mirror]

Forum links:

[Melty Blood Chat]
[Typo and bug reports]

Edit: Fixed a bug causing full install and reinstall modes to copy the wrong MBAA.exe. v0.51 now online.

April Fools – Melty Blood Pantsu Patch now also in English!

Ever since we announced the Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code translation project (we’re still working hard on that!), we have been thinking how nice it would be to really translate *every* edition of Melty Blood for the PC. And of course we already have most of them down, including their demo versions.

But as ridiculous as we think the final piece is, we figured our collection would never be complete if we didn’t translate the last remaining “upgrade” to MBAC.

Today we are very proud depressed to release Melty Blood Act Candenza Pantsu Patch English v1.0. Please see the project page for details. (Note: not entirely worksafe.)

Tsukihime Fool’s Errand v1.2 Released

It’s been a long time coming, today we finally release an updated version of Tsukihime Fool’s Errand (previously known as Tsukihime 2 English). This basically is the same blatant piece of copyright infringement it was before, only with a much newer (read: better) ONScripter-En build and installer, and several small bugs fixed.

Hopefully this will pave the way for other updates and stuff. Tsukihime could use some work, that’s for sure.

Tsukihime Fool’s Errand v1.22:

[US mirror] [EU mirror] [RapidShare]

Forum links:

[Tsukihime Chat]
[Typo and bug reports]

Edit: Fixed one tiny error in the epilogue, v1.21 now online.
Edit 2: Doh, uninstaller bug fixed, v1.22 now online.

Also, for those who are interested, we have released the game’s ending CG as a wallpaper. The awesome CG was drawn by Wanda Korosec, art teacher and prolific Deviant whose work is heavily inspired by fairy tales and fantasy. You should check out her gallery, there’s a lot to see:

Naturally this wallpaper contains spoilers. View at your own risk.

Tsukihime Fool’s Errand Ending CG (spoiler):
4:3 / 5:4 – [1024×768] [1600×1200] [1280×1024]
16:9 – [1366×768] [1920×1080]
16:10 – [1280×800] [1440×900] [1680×1050] [1920×1200]

Cat infection purged

It has come to our attention that our servers had been compromised and the site hijacked. We sincerely apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused. We have taken steps to prevent such infections in the future…

Farland Symphony English v1.2 Released

Farland Symphony English v1.2 is a polished update of the previous release, fixing some small errors and updating the installer for better compatibility. Barring any extreme surprises, this should be the last release of Farland Symphony English for a long time. The latest download links are always shown on the project page, but currently the patch can also be downloaded from the locations listed below.

NOTE: This patch is for both the original and Encore editions.

Farland Symphony English v1.22:

[US mirror] [EU mirror] [RapidShare]

Forum links:

[Farland Symphony Chat]
[Typo/grammar reports]
[Bug reports]

EDIT 1: Well, I guess we were asking for this when we called this one final… There was a slight problem with the installer that caused a crash in some rare situations. It should be fixed with version 1.21, links have been updated.

EDIT 2: Taste the irony… I wonder how many final releases we can make before the month is out. orz

ArchDemon Edit: Okay, that does it. I’m going to play through the whole game at least twice before building a new version. Expect a new release when I’m done.

New Download Mirrors Available

After a very, very long delay(*), we now finally have proper mirrors online again for all our releases. All project pages have been updated to link to the proper locations. My apologies for taking so long. I blame real life, and the fact that I had to rebuild our mirror tracking system completely from scratch in a language I had to learn as I went along.

Because I now have full control over the system, future problems should not leave us stuck with rs/mu hosting for such a long period. Of course if there are any problems with downloading files, please do let us know.

Many thanks to Teus, Graus and dovac for hosting our files! (If anyone happens to know someone who can offer us Australian webspace…)

(*) Edit: Exactly one year, actually. orz

April Fools: Project server update

Update 2: I’ve finally talked to a police officer (somewhat) involved in the raid on our provider. The short version of it: We won’t get our files back. Not this year, anyway. There’s nothing we can do about this, and it is definitely the last straw for all people involved in this accursed project. We’ve worked very hard over the past few months to re-translate Farland Symphony from scratch, proofread the script several times, edit all images, create installer, readme and whatnot, and now we have NOTHING to show for it. Except some months-old backups.

Putting it shortly and simply, we’re done with it. Translation alone has been done at least three times already, and it’s getting us nowhere. Motivation has dropped to a zero. We have therefore decided to pass the ball to whoever believe they have better luck. We don’t want to release something without proper translation, so we will hand over our current files to whoever wants to take a look. Good luck and have fun to whoever wants to try.

Old Farland project files from our backup:
[MegaUpload] [RapidShare]

April Fools: Project server

As some of you may have noticed, the red theme has been reset to the default black (or white). We do not currently feel like celebrating, so we’ve decided to delay our release plans for the time being. Yesterday afternoon (European time) we found out we could no longer establish a connection to Satsuki, our project server hosting all SVN repositories and release binaries. After much contact with the hosting provider, we have come to understand that the physical server hosting the VPS was taken offline due to warez activity.

The server(s) was/were confiscated by the police, so we have no idea what has happened to our data or if we’ll be able to get it back. Most of our project work was stored on Satsuki, but I’ve found some backups that we’re looking at at the moment to determine how much was lost. But seeing that we’ve made a lot of changes to the Farland Symphony files over the past two to three months, we are really hoping we’ll be able to get the data stored on Satsuki back from the Dutch police soon.

We will post updated information here as soon as we have it.

Update: Most project files have luckily been recovered from an offline backup copy (thanks, Arch!). The provider says the police physically removed the server from the datacenter, so they can give us no guarantees that our VPS will be returned intact. We have been unable to recover any recent changes to the Farland and Tsukihime projects (up to three months worth…), and some preliminary work in another corner as well. So our hopes rest with the hosters comign with good news, or a good amount of very hard work may have been lost in those areas. (Feel free to file a complaint at a Dutch police office somewhere… We’re still trying but I’ve been unable to get anyone to listen. Frustration doesn’t begin to describe it.)