MBAC Pantsu Patch

Note: Done as an April Fools’ Day joke back in 2012.

As ridiculous as we think this final piece is, we figured our collection of English Melty Blood PC games would never be complete if we didn’t translate the last remaining “upgrade” to MBAC…


Rather popular amongst the Japanese fanbase of the Melty Blood franchise, the original Pantsu Patch was a rather silly fan patch released some time in 2009 by an anonymous person or group on the Japanese p2p platform Share. It basically consists of a large number of small edits to some of the character sprites used in the game, designed to show some of the girls in their panties while fighting.

We think some of these edits actually make some sense, physics-wise, but overall it’s probably just an excuse to look at girls in their underwear. Nevertheless we didn’t want to keep this rather awkward gem from the English-speaking fans, so we decided to merge the Pantsu Patch into our English translation of MBAC.


Project Members

    • (Unknown – Concept and pantsu sprite editing)
    • ArchDemon – Project lead, hacking, programming
    • Ryuusoul – Translation, editing
    • Daichi – Image editing
    • puKKa – Image editing, beta testing
    • Message – Release engineering, proofing
    • phiber – Tools programming
    • roxfan – Tools programming
    • zalas – Tools programming
    • Amn – Beta testing
    • HarmanSmith – Beta testing
    • PanicAttack – Beta testing
    • sebasdoes – Beta testing

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