Website Maintenance and Retirement

Hello, everyone, it’s been a long, long time. I’ll be going to go over the website in the next few weeks to fix any broken links and tidy up a few things here and there.

I’d also like to officially announce our retirement. Most of the old members had moved onto other things years ago, with some even settling down to have families. Even if our retirement was implied by our lengthy silence, I had a selfish desire to keep things alive and running, even if in a zombified state, so I thought it would be best to finally lay things to rest.

I had a lot of fun working on various projects with everyone at mirror moon and Yandere Translations, and I wish everyone and all our fans all the best in the future.

Peace Out.


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7 thoughts on “Website Maintenance and Retirement

  1. My first involvement with visual novels came by way of your Tsukihime translation and they’ve been a major part of my life ever since.

    Good luck with your future endeavors!

  2. loggin in just to comment

    THANK YOU for all you’ve done. your works literally define my teen and early adult phase. no words shall do justice for what you mean for us


    and good luck for you and others!
    hope to cross path again in the future


  3. Thanks for not giving me a virus when I was only like 11 years old! Y’all have played in a huge part of tons of people’s lives including mine. Best of luck.

    • Hi, chendo! Long time no see! I’m not sure what’s happening with the hosting at the moment. I thought Message was still handling it, but TheXev could’ve taken it over. I’ll have to get into contact with him to find out.

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