A short story – stuff is back online.

ArchDemon said I should write a short story, here it is:

TheXev: What should I write a story about?

Rising: I don’t know, you’ll think of something.

TheXev: Why am I talking to you?

Rising: Because talking to yourself is the only real intelligent conversation you get on most days.

*bud-um chee*

TheXev: Point taken.

Rising: You could talk about your Kamen Rider script or something.

TheXev: Naw, I’ve been lazy and haven’t worked on it lately. Too much personal stuff in the way.

Rising: You could talk about your gag series, Kamen Rider Spork.

TheXev: Great idea!

Kamen Rider Spork was a stupid idea I came up with after watching the very first episode of Kamen Rider W. Instead of a W belt, he has a X belt that he can put a fork and spoon into, transforming into Kamen Rider Spork. He is both a fork and a spoon!

Kamen Rider Spork

Rising: Is that what he looks like? He looks more like Sonic the Hedgehog like that. I think I’ve seen something like him befor-

TheXev: Listen, I haven’t drawn anything really awesome since High School, okay?

Rising: That 3 page comic you drew of Planetarion back in 2000 during Round 3 doesn’t count.

TheXev: I had a whole lot more planned for that!

Rising: Ohh, you were going to show poop coming out of interceptors, how original!

TheXev: I was going to have Planet Chev turn out to be one huge turret!

Rising: Cloaked PDS would have ruined the game.

TheXev: Any more then adding races did?

Rising: Touché

TheXev: This is wandering off topic, I’ve been watching too much Gintama.

Rising: I’ll say, but no one knows what it is because it didn’t get fansubbed past the first/second ep special for such a long time.

TheXev: You can always get it at crunchyroll children.

Rising: Are you sure you don’t want to give up on me and write a comedy instead?

TheXev: I’ll save that for Drift Sentai TougeRanger.

TougeBlue: Why am I here?

TheXev: Because no one knows who TougeRed is.

Rising: Get him out of here; your A.D.D. is getting in the way!

TougeBlue: I’ll just stand here and be quiet.

TheXev: Right, as I was saying…

Rising: You haven’t said anything this whole time.

TheXev: …It’s an important announcement.

Rising: Don’t bump the links with this post, you’ll anger the Anon’s.

TheXev: I’m pretty sure we won’t do that again.

Rising: Anyway, that Kamen Rider Spork picture, he looks constipated.

TheXev: Not anymore then Kenzaki.

Rising: Mad burn, but I think Kenzaki only gets constipated while he’s transformed.

TheXev: I totally agree.

Rising: Now, when you transform into me, you’ll probably have to turn back all the time during battle just so you can pee.

TheXev: No way, this is why we’ll use stunt doubles.

Rising: It’s not because you are a complete wuss?

TheXev: That’s right, it’s because when they are filming the action, I’ll be secretly off peeing somewhere.

ArchDemon: Xev, what are you doing?

TheXev: Writing a short story.

ArchDemon: This isn’t what I meant for you to do.

Rising: You’re so dense.

TheXev: You’re me too, so stop making fun of yourself!

ArchDemon: Tell them that revolve-trans.org is back up.

TheXev: Why?

ArchDemon: Because that is what I was suggesting all along.

TheXev: You just did it for me, so I won’t do it now.

ArchDemon: No, you do it yourself.

Rising: How about I do it?

ArchDemon: Sure, you’re just Xev talking to himself anyway.

TheXev: Don’t do it, it’s a trick. If you click the link Sakuranbou will play forever !

Rising: Revolve-trans.org is officially back online! Don’t expect much…

TougeBlue: This better not be Mou Ikkai!

TheXev: No, THIS is Mou Ikkai, Rising is correct!

Rising: This doesn’t look good in IE.

TheXev: Get a new browser!!!

Enjoy revolve-trans.org being online again… I don’t really know what good it will do ya, but perhaps we’ll do something with it… eventually.

*edit – Friday morning*
Rising: Did you know your short story draft crashed mirrormoon.org?

TheXev: It’s only because this story was so awesome.

Rising: About as awesome as your face?

TheXev: You’re me! Stop making fun of yourself!

TougeBlue: I’m doing donuts in my car! Weee!

TheXev & Rising: No one cares, Paul.

TougeBlue: I can tandem drift! You can tandem talk at the same time! That’s so weird! At least I didn’t crash the server with this post!

TheXev & Rising: It wasn’t me, the server moved!

More on “Rising”

For anyone on planet earth left caring, I am still working on one of my idea’s that I blogged about a few years ago… and it is actually progressing. I have thought of a decent back plot, which is something that I wasn’t able to think of until doing more research into my idea. Now it makes simple sense… and my pilot script is flowing pretty naturally.

It seems my idea to back track and watch Kamen Rider Blade was a wise one after taking nearly a month off my pilot script. I have been further encouraged by the few people that have read my script up till now that I seem to be on a much better track. I may have even found a way to remove the dreaded “getting hit by a truck” thing to put Rising into a coma… instead something far more sinister may occur.

Getting to this point was rocky. Now that I am unemployed and have tons of free time, I am more easily able to focus on my writing then before. I think the real breakthroughs came between reading more about Egyptian gods and watching Blade more than anything. It is really difficult to find information on Egyptian gods rather than say, Roman… which is why you see more media being made in that. I’ve really found what little can be found to be quiet captivating and refreshing. Even though I highly doubt I have done enough research into the subject.

On another note, I started a twitter account. Since “TheXev” appears to have been taken by some spambot, I have decided to use a new nickname of “RisingStart” which I had been considering moving to for quite awhile. I just it kinda strange that twitting took off so fast, while idea’s like boxthought.. or was it thoughtbox? Gah who knows.. were similar, yet didn’t take off. I suppose this can go back to Twitter being easy and allowing you post repeatedly under a username, where as boxthought/thoughtbox made you wait and hour to post again, and your username was only a series of numbers that weren’t allowed to mean anything (even though I made mine my ICQ UIN lol).

I was even thinking it might be fun to try and find some independent artist that are interested in doing artwork or concept art for this, but I’ll save that for another time… I highly doubt mainstream Kamen Rider fans are even aware of my venture, let alone care about it.

Dell Vostro v13 64-bit drivers for Windows 7? I’ve found them all for you!

Been looking for Windows 7 64-bit for your Dell Vostro V13? I just tracked down all the drivers in an hour for a friend of mine, and he said that every single one worked. How is that for some guesswork without the machine in front of you!?

So, here is the list of drivers for anyone to get on their own, for people wanting to move to 64-bit Windows 7 on their Dell Vostro V13 laptop. I’m assuming Google and Bing will take care of getting the word out on this blog post. As for anyone wondering why Dell didn’t include 64-bit drivers on their own site for this, my best guess is that it is because the machine can only support a maximum of 4GB’s of ram, which matches well with Windows 7 32-bit’s max memory range of 4GB. A few of the drivers linked come from the official V13 support page, but others come from other Dell links and 3rd party venders.

View the full version of this article to see all the driver links!

Intel Video Driver (64-bit)

Intel Chipset Driver (64-bit)

Realtek HD Audio Driver (64-bit)

Hard-drive Driver for Preinstall (F3 RAID DRIVER – 64-bit)

Pointer Driver (64-bit)

Bluetooth Module (32-bit & 64-bit)

Free Fall Sensor Driver (64-bit)

Realtek RTS5159 Card Reader (32-bit & 64-bit)

Dell Dell Wireless 1397, 1510 Half MiniCard Driver (64-bit)

If you guys are looking for the backup software, I’d assume the 32-bit version would work, but who knows.

You take responsibility for any damage incurred to your hardware by using these drivers. (Getting the legal E’s out of the way.) I hope this helps others out, not just my buddy 😉

Please don’t leave comments asking me to find drivers for other laptops. It didn’t take me much effort to find these, so unless it’s going to be a paid job, I’m not interested!

Idea #2

To now we get to an idea that is kinda cool. Kamen Rider Rising started as an idea I had one night while watching Venture Bros. I had started watching Kamen Rider Kabuto (yeah, I know, it sucked balls at the end!) and had this silly idea of “What would Kamen Rider be like if the hero was a monarch butterfly?” After having this strange.. and lame dream about it I was almost scared of the idea… but then I though… “What if the Rider was trapped in a dream world?” Well.. the Monarch thing was silly and current concept does not contain a Monarched themed Rider… more like a Knight in armor (not themed after any particular bug).

So, why the name “Rising”? It comes from the phrase “off to a raising start.” Ironically enough, the hero is trapped in his dream (in a comma no less) and cannot escape.

Plot. Our hero is a aspiring manga artist (comic book artist) who has a thing for the old comics. Unable to dream, he imagines his dreams threw the works of the comic books he creates. One day while working on an idea for a new comic book, he starts hearing people whispering rumors about terrible nightmares overcoming people, and even some people not waking up! This all seems like nothing more than chit chat gossip until our hero has his first dream of his entire life that night! It is a terrible nightmare where a giant monster slices off his arms and ruins his ability to draw! He wakes up, just before the monster smashes him.

Unable to sleep for days, our hero is near delusional. After walking outside from his studio he encounters a young boy attempting to cross the street. A large truck is about to run him down. Our hero jumps out and saves him, taking the hit himself.

Seeing the same nightmare again, the hero manages to save his arms and takes a massive hit that sends him flying straight into the air. While he’s in the air.. he realizes that he probably won’t wake up from this nightmare… and decides to make this dream a canvas. He waves his hands and a typhoon belt appears. He equips it and begins to descend. As he falls, the belt spins up and he says, “If this is the last dream I have in my life… then let’s start it off with a Rising Start!” A Typhoon appears and our hero transforms into Kamen Rider Rising.

Rider Punch! The monster goes flying back. Rider Kick! The monster explodes.

From here on out Rising begins appearing in other peoples nightmares, becoming the hero of dreams. Instead of a preset list of abilities, he improvises on the fly as he requires new power.

What dark secrets lurk in the dreams that follow?

OMG I’m writing a blog.

Yeah, I know this is a real rare treat: TheXev is writing a blog. I wonder if people even remember what I do around here. I know I don’t remember what I do around here… ~_~

Message gets all the flames for taking time, but I haven’t done any work on Men At Work! 2 in over a year… why doesn’t 4chan flame me? :/ foowy. Guess it goes to show how much demand there is for that. I guess I need to get my confidence back to get my butt in gear. Then today, while sitting at a Pizza Hut down the street and reading the internet news off my phone I read a story (I’ll be damned if i can find a “real HTTP” link to it now) about a Japanese blogger who recently won an award for best beginning writer (or something.. its a very prestigious award).

The thing about the article wasn’t that she got this award via blogging, or even the staggering information that there are more Japanese blogs then English ones (37% vs 36%), and that most Japanese blogs are personal, rather then contain news. No, the thing that got me is that she was able to show others her creative abilities by blogging. I don’t like to talk about my personal life, and I only ever thought of blogs as either being personal or about news…

Getting back to the subject at hand, my year long funk, I think part of it is related to not being able to vent my creative abilities. In all truth, my goals in life are to making a living of writing (and writing video games, like RPGs), yet I haven’t been able to actually bring myself to muse over any of these silly side ideas. So……

Why don’t I tell you people a little about a few of them, maybe some encouragement or “damn dude, that’s stupid” comments will get me to come back to earth? Some of them are silly but fun, and others are a bit more serious.

I feel some of these idea’s would only end up as glorified fan fiction if I actually started writing them. But they are original in base (most of them), while a few play off existing series (yeah, I have ideas for a Super Sentai series and a Kamen Rider series… I’m going to hell).

Let’s start out with the most disappointing idea of them all:

Idea #1: Dori Sentai, TougeRanger.

I shit you not, I came up with this idea over a year ago in the chat room and would play around with the idea of an entire Sentai filled with drifters and totally about drifting. The idea started as a stupid musing of “What if Initial D where a Sentai series.”

Can you imagine how my heart was crushed when the latest Super Sentai series was announced? Well, I am really enjoying it, but now that its started I don’t feel like a lot of my ideas are going to go to waste! I am also enjoying Go-Onger.. which I had serious doubts about before actually watching the first ep.

My only real issue with Go-Onger is how Go-OnRed is yet another copy and paste clone of DekaRed. DekaRanger is over, its time to actually have a new Red Ranger.

My concept for TougeRanger revolves around a mysterious mountain that has been closed off to the public since an infamous accident occurred several years before the beginning of the show. In reality, the land and road was purchased by TougeRed (a Bunta like character who sits out most battles in the beginning) and he is building the first spectator friendly Touge Race track. A few interested drifters manage to break into the road (TougeWhite male and TougeBlue male), and start driving there at night. Then one night they are chased down by a mysterious yellow car (TougeYellow male). Just when they think they are about to get away the car transforms and both Touge Blue and White spin out in mid-drift. TougeYellow catches the two when an earthquake starts and monsters appear near the base of the Touge.

Instead of lamb basting the two, TougeYellow is instructed by TougeRed via radio to give them “TougeShifters,” a device that accelerates ‘over-tech’ (covered in other Sentai series as the technology behind the Super Suites) threw “TougeRuins” (artifacts discovered on the Touge. unleashing accent powers modernized). The device enables its user and car to transform into TougeRangers and TougeDrift Cars.”

The basic enemies resemble yellow/orange construction road cones (a drifters worst enemy, as the joke goes) and they easily defeat the enemies in the first ep.

If you can’t see the Super Sentai first of the Red Ranger not being introduced in the first episode (and he prob won’t be for 4-5 eps), then … well I’m telling you right now that’s the big first.

Forum email activation issues (fixed)

Sorry for the forum activation issues over the past few days. Users who attempted to register since Feb 8th have not been receiving their activation emails. This is an issue that came up since we moved the forums to another server. Check your email now, you should have a confirmation.

If you attempted to use more the one email to create and account, and want that account removed, please reply (from the email you wanted to register) to (TheXev AT gmail com) and tell me you want that account removed. All remaining accounts will be removed within a weeks time, then you can attempt to register again if you’d like.


All unactivated accounts have been deleted. We had a massive wave of spam after the mails started going out. Banned many email address ranges, and changed our spam filter settings to something much more effective. Sorry guys, you’ll just have to deal with the case sensitive input on the captcha.

Forum email activation issues

Several people have been experiencing issues in receiving the activation email from the forum. I have manually activated everyones accounts who has had the problem for now. We are working on a solution to fix the email issue.

MeltyBlood 1.5 English release!

After over four years of effort, MeltyBlood is available in full English to the public. Story mode is completely translated, and we’ve worked out as many bugs as we could find during the beta. I wouldn’t expect to find that many, but if you find any please report them in the thread below.

Please leave all comments on the forum this time around, since this is a Revolve release for the most part.

HTTP Mirror: Click Here (English 1.5)
Revolve Torrent: Click Here (English 1.5)

MeltyBlood Typo/Grammar mistake Report [v1.5]
MeltyBlood Bug Report [v1.5]

Comments on the forums

Checkout the newly redesigned forum!

Well, I took quite a bit of advice that was given to me in response to the previous forum story. Revamped layout and a completely new style courtesy of puKKa! I hope this makes the forums much more welcoming and encourage people to make a post! I have made some configuration changes so everyone should be able to register easily now, while still keeping those nasty spam bots in check!

So please, checkout the new revolve/mirrormoon forums! Don’t forget to checkout the new FS/N pics below too!

What is so unlikable about the forums?

Well, someone posted a link to yet another large Type-Moon fansite forum that has grown large in size.

Tell me, what have I been doing wrong with the revolve-translation/mirrormoon forum? I really want to know.

I created the forum for the sole purpose of giving people a place to talk about Melty Blood, but nothing ever came of it. Is it poor layout? Is it the general stipulation that people believe that nothing other then TECHNICAL questions regarding the games we work on are allowed? I’m not sure how that ever started. Once a conversation about any game starts, it usually dies or someone says something like “This forum isn’t for discussing the games, it’s only for technical issues” sort of bull.

I know this should probably be a blog instead of a front page story, but i want to know everyone’s reason for not using our forums. Please leave your comments as a response, even if someone else already stated the reason.

*Update* Anyone using the web developer extension for Firefox, please update to the newest version, this may be the cause of your registration problems.