OMG I’m writing a blog.

Yeah, I know this is a real rare treat: TheXev is writing a blog. I wonder if people even remember what I do around here. I know I don’t remember what I do around here… ~_~

Message gets all the flames for taking time, but I haven’t done any work on Men At Work! 2 in over a year… why doesn’t 4chan flame me? :/ foowy. Guess it goes to show how much demand there is for that. I guess I need to get my confidence back to get my butt in gear. Then today, while sitting at a Pizza Hut down the street and reading the internet news off my phone I read a story (I’ll be damned if i can find a “real HTTP” link to it now) about a Japanese blogger who recently won an award for best beginning writer (or something.. its a very prestigious award).

The thing about the article wasn’t that she got this award via blogging, or even the staggering information that there are more Japanese blogs then English ones (37% vs 36%), and that most Japanese blogs are personal, rather then contain news. No, the thing that got me is that she was able to show others her creative abilities by blogging. I don’t like to talk about my personal life, and I only ever thought of blogs as either being personal or about news…

Getting back to the subject at hand, my year long funk, I think part of it is related to not being able to vent my creative abilities. In all truth, my goals in life are to making a living of writing (and writing video games, like RPGs), yet I haven’t been able to actually bring myself to muse over any of these silly side ideas. So……

Why don’t I tell you people a little about a few of them, maybe some encouragement or “damn dude, that’s stupid” comments will get me to come back to earth? Some of them are silly but fun, and others are a bit more serious.

I feel some of these idea’s would only end up as glorified fan fiction if I actually started writing them. But they are original in base (most of them), while a few play off existing series (yeah, I have ideas for a Super Sentai series and a Kamen Rider series… I’m going to hell).

Let’s start out with the most disappointing idea of them all:

Idea #1: Dori Sentai, TougeRanger.

I shit you not, I came up with this idea over a year ago in the chat room and would play around with the idea of an entire Sentai filled with drifters and totally about drifting. The idea started as a stupid musing of “What if Initial D where a Sentai series.”

Can you imagine how my heart was crushed when the latest Super Sentai series was announced? Well, I am really enjoying it, but now that its started I don’t feel like a lot of my ideas are going to go to waste! I am also enjoying Go-Onger.. which I had serious doubts about before actually watching the first ep.

My only real issue with Go-Onger is how Go-OnRed is yet another copy and paste clone of DekaRed. DekaRanger is over, its time to actually have a new Red Ranger.

My concept for TougeRanger revolves around a mysterious mountain that has been closed off to the public since an infamous accident occurred several years before the beginning of the show. In reality, the land and road was purchased by TougeRed (a Bunta like character who sits out most battles in the beginning) and he is building the first spectator friendly Touge Race track. A few interested drifters manage to break into the road (TougeWhite male and TougeBlue male), and start driving there at night. Then one night they are chased down by a mysterious yellow car (TougeYellow male). Just when they think they are about to get away the car transforms and both Touge Blue and White spin out in mid-drift. TougeYellow catches the two when an earthquake starts and monsters appear near the base of the Touge.

Instead of lamb basting the two, TougeYellow is instructed by TougeRed via radio to give them “TougeShifters,” a device that accelerates ‘over-tech’ (covered in other Sentai series as the technology behind the Super Suites) threw “TougeRuins” (artifacts discovered on the Touge. unleashing accent powers modernized). The device enables its user and car to transform into TougeRangers and TougeDrift Cars.”

The basic enemies resemble yellow/orange construction road cones (a drifters worst enemy, as the joke goes) and they easily defeat the enemies in the first ep.

If you can’t see the Super Sentai first of the Red Ranger not being introduced in the first episode (and he prob won’t be for 4-5 eps), then … well I’m telling you right now that’s the big first.

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