Idea #2

To now we get to an idea that is kinda cool. Kamen Rider Rising started as an idea I had one night while watching Venture Bros. I had started watching Kamen Rider Kabuto (yeah, I know, it sucked balls at the end!) and had this silly idea of “What would Kamen Rider be like if the hero was a monarch butterfly?” After having this strange.. and lame dream about it I was almost scared of the idea… but then I though… “What if the Rider was trapped in a dream world?” Well.. the Monarch thing was silly and current concept does not contain a Monarched themed Rider… more like a Knight in armor (not themed after any particular bug).

So, why the name “Rising”? It comes from the phrase “off to a raising start.” Ironically enough, the hero is trapped in his dream (in a comma no less) and cannot escape.

Plot. Our hero is a aspiring manga artist (comic book artist) who has a thing for the old comics. Unable to dream, he imagines his dreams threw the works of the comic books he creates. One day while working on an idea for a new comic book, he starts hearing people whispering rumors about terrible nightmares overcoming people, and even some people not waking up! This all seems like nothing more than chit chat gossip until our hero has his first dream of his entire life that night! It is a terrible nightmare where a giant monster slices off his arms and ruins his ability to draw! He wakes up, just before the monster smashes him.

Unable to sleep for days, our hero is near delusional. After walking outside from his studio he encounters a young boy attempting to cross the street. A large truck is about to run him down. Our hero jumps out and saves him, taking the hit himself.

Seeing the same nightmare again, the hero manages to save his arms and takes a massive hit that sends him flying straight into the air. While he’s in the air.. he realizes that he probably won’t wake up from this nightmare… and decides to make this dream a canvas. He waves his hands and a typhoon belt appears. He equips it and begins to descend. As he falls, the belt spins up and he says, “If this is the last dream I have in my life… then let’s start it off with a Rising Start!” A Typhoon appears and our hero transforms into Kamen Rider Rising.

Rider Punch! The monster goes flying back. Rider Kick! The monster explodes.

From here on out Rising begins appearing in other peoples nightmares, becoming the hero of dreams. Instead of a preset list of abilities, he improvises on the fly as he requires new power.

What dark secrets lurk in the dreams that follow?

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