Forum email activation issues (fixed)

Sorry for the forum activation issues over the past few days. Users who attempted to register since Feb 8th have not been receiving their activation emails. This is an issue that came up since we moved the forums to another server. Check your email now, you should have a confirmation.

If you attempted to use more the one email to create and account, and want that account removed, please reply (from the email you wanted to register) to (TheXev AT gmail com) and tell me you want that account removed. All remaining accounts will be removed within a weeks time, then you can attempt to register again if you’d like.


All unactivated accounts have been deleted. We had a massive wave of spam after the mails started going out. Banned many email address ranges, and changed our spam filter settings to something much more effective. Sorry guys, you’ll just have to deal with the case sensitive input on the captcha.

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