Nothing but eroge talk

Well, time for another blog post. What can I talk about… who am I kidding, eroge. So, I finished all the playable games I bought in Japan (Some games were unplayable on my system –;) So here’s some of the good games I’ve played recently.

First of all, my personal #1 game of the year, KIRA KIRA!!
This game is fucking awesome and the OP is great, too. It’s making me want to buy a guitar… おファック!

Another great game was Harukani aogi, uruwashino. A game with lovely atmosphere, and great characters, especially Miyabi (みやびちゃんぷりちー!)

Next, Koibito doushide surukoto zenbu. This game will literally make you cough up blood and lets you die of moe.

Then there’s Fossette and Kono aozora ni yakusoku wo. I honestly think the game was overrated, but it was still good.

Then there’s Daiakuji. Alicesoft games never fail to get me hooked, and this game succefully made me waste 100hours of my life. –;

There were other good games like StarTRain, 世界でいちばんNG(だめ)な恋, そして明日の世界より

Maybe a little progress report on Heaven’s Feel translation won’t hurt. (I have no idea how the UBW installer is going)
Heaven’s Feel is 15% translated as of now.

UBW update: Oct 2007

I just wanted to keep a log of this since I want all the editor applicants to read this if they haven’t yet. I also want to explain how we will be tackling UBW.


A lot has gone on in the past week regarding the project. After going over the editor applications and a lot of talking between the staffs, we have decided that asking for outside editors is not a way to go. I am very sorry for wasting everyone’s effort and time to apply. I cannot apologize enough.

To update people on what we are doing, we have decided that we would have rigorous testing after an initial light-editing phase.


So our current plan is:
EDITED: Nov 12th

1. I edit the current text. (This is complete)
2. Tester (proofers) go through and recommend changes. I will look over the recommendations and make changes if I see the recommendations valid. (We are here right now)
3. Insert final version of text (This should take like an hour since it’s automated)
4. Beta testing: testing installer (I say this could take couple days to around a week, depending on if bugs appear or not)
5. Release!

Eroge playing diary+alpha

Finished Utawarerumono. It was a good story. Everyone should be looking forward to the translation coming out for it done by Ryuusoul!!
It has so much MOEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Also finished Wanko to Lily, and now onto Haruka ni Aogi, Uruwashi no. (6 hours per girl, finished 2 out of 6 girls)

Oh, the translation of Tsukihime plus disc is finished by the way.

Another Japan Trip

This will be short since I’m busy playing games (and will be for a while).

I went to Japan the past two weeks. Food, games, and shopping ^^
Went to Akiba, Oosu (Akiba equivalent in Nagoya), etc, etc.
Sorry, no news on UBW translation progress.

Manga/doujin I got
Games I got

I got tons of games which I need to play now ^^
It should take me a few months to finish all these…

Unlimited Blade Works Route Translation at 50%

Like the title says. It’ll still need a lot of polishing, but half of the route is translated now. Day 14 is going to be a bi*ch because it’s about a megabyte of text with 100kb of H –;
I’ve been getting a lot done recently since there’s no net connection in my place now.

That’s the good news, and now onto the bad news.
Expect a long time with no work since I’m going to Japan at the end of this month (for a week). I’m hoping I can at least buy half of the eroges I want to get. Playing them would kill at least a month!!

Anyone know of a good eroge I should buy in Japan?

Here’s the current list of eroge I want to buy in Japan this trip.
Here is the games I’ve already played.

それは舞い散る桜のように (BasiL)
Lien ~終わらない君の唄~ (PURPLE)
いちょうの舞う頃 (Types)
Treating2U (BLUE GALE)
秋桜の空に (Marron)
大悪司 (Alicesoft)
もしも明日が晴れならば (ぱれっと)
らくえん~あいかわらずなぼく。の場合~ (TerraLunar)
つくとり (ruf)
フォセット -Cafe au Le Ciel Bleu-(GIGA)
ショコラ ~maid cafe “curio”~ (GIGA)
この青空に約束を (GIGA)
遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの (PULLTOP)
群青の空を越えて (light)
StarTRain (mixed up)
うたわれるもの (leaf)
EVE burst error
Bullet Butlers (propeller)
車輪の国、悠久の少年少女 (あかべぇそふとつぅ)
幻燐の姫将軍2 ~導かれし魂の系譜~ (エウシュリー)
僕はキミだけを見つめる~I gaze at only you (れいんどっぐ(同人))
永遠のアセリア-The Spirit of Eternity Sword- (XUSE)

勝 あしたの雪之丞2 (+1) (elf)
しすたぁエンジェル (TerraLunar)
鈴がうたう日 (Tactics)
真瑠璃色の雪 (アイル)
カタハネ (Tarte)
遊撃警艦パトベセル ~こちら首都圏上空青空署~ (May-Be Soft)
ヒトカタノオウ ヲルノモリ (Artel Team Prefab)

About the Fate/stay night release

A lot has gone on since the first release of the FSN patch.
I would just like to apologize for the big mistake and a lot of the confusion.

First of all, I am very sorry. The spoiler mistake should have been caught before anything. I understand people who knew about the spoiler still wanted the patch nonetheless (when it was retracted). I thought that spoiling the people who didn’t know was much more serious than people getting the patch a day or two early.
But with all that aside, the problem wouldn’t have occurred if
I caught the mistake beforehand.
I am sorry for any inconvenience this might have caused anybody.

Sakura-con Report

So I went to Sakura-con last weekend. (happening in Seattle WA for those of you who don’t know)
This will most likely be a boring topic since I’m just gonna write what I did.

Anyways, it all started the day before the con. My biggest mistake was to accept a job as an exhibitor at the con. I thought it was going to be cool since I would get in free and get paid for being there. The (BIG) downside was that I missed pretty much all the cool panels/concerts happening at that time and I missed going around the exhibitor’s hall since I was working the whole time it was open…

Friday: Parking sucked, as I looked for a spot for 30 minutes and finally found one about 20 minutes walk away. –; So I got there right as my work started. So I didn’t get to do anything until my work was over, which was 6PM. Afterwards, I met up with Shinji, Misu, and Mouse, and this is when I found out I missed out from the exhibitor’s hall as they got things that were already sold out. I bowed to go early the next day to raid what was left from the hendane booth.
The program also said that there will be Beatmania for 2 hours (This was what I was really looking forward to) in the arcade room. Before I go into this, let me describe what was in the Arcade hall this year. One Classic games collection, one old fighting game (vampire savior?), and that’s all. YES, THAT IS ALL. Anyways, I found out beatmania got cancelled, so I went home pissed off…

Sat: Work yet again. But today, I went a bit early so I could look around the booth as they were setting up. I went straight for Hendane (eroge booth). To be honest, I was disappointed with the small selection. I was ready to buy lots of eroges too… Well, so I was pretty much forced(!?) to buy other games that weren’t on my list of “to gets”. Work followed thereafter. I had to work through the move concert… –;;;;
Nothing much happened afterwards except for the visual novels panel. This was a very good and interesting panel. HOWEVER, I SHOULD HAVE TOLD THEM THAT I AM A KAKURE OTAKU (meaning, I’m not an open-out otaku). I didn’t want to be pointed at, and I wanted to hide in the audience in the back… But they pointed at me and talked to me, and they also took the stuff I bought and displayed it up front. To give a comparison, it’s like they got me naked and get me up front. ^^;;; Okay, I’m exaggerating.

Sun: I worked all day. I did sneak out once to go see the Kira (visual Novel) panel. I saw cool Yukito and Misuzu cosplayers there! They get my vote for best cosplay, because I love Air ^^

Spoils of war:
Ayakashibito poster
Sakuramusubi poster
+money from working
+good experience (There are some things money can’t buy)

Anime and… translation…?

My life update.
Nothing much in my real life. Started watching some new animes.
Fate Stay Night being one of them. It had a lot of moe scenes (Ilya hugging Shirou, Sakura bondage, etc…) but overall, not too good –;
EXCEPT episode 14! That episode was awesome. Especially when the music “Emiya” started, it sent chills up my spine from excitement!

Also started watching Utawarerumono, but stopped watching after a few episodes. It wasn’t bad but rather really good, and that’s exactly why I stopped watching. I now want the game, so I’m gonna wait watching on the anime until I get the game and play it.

Also watched upto episode 4 of Higurashi no Nakukoroni.
I played the first chapter of the game already, but they animated it REAL WELL!!
All the important stuffs were in there.
Oh yeah, I’m watching all these animes all of a sudden cause I get REALLY distracted whenever I try to translate the Hscene (it’s a real pain)
On terms of translation, H scene is almost done (not too fast when I’m doing like 1 line per hour…)
but now, I need to rest translation while I go play the rest of Higurashi (that I have ignored playing upto now) since the anime renewed my spirit for the game!!
Chapters 2 through 6… that’s like only a couple all-nighters, right? ^^

EDIT3: Almost done with Higurashi… I want to finish it, but don’t want this time to end…

Any other good animes out there?
(Or just yell at me to keep translating instead of watching anime…)

…… Why does my life update consist of only anime and games… AGAIN?
I swear, I’ll tell everyone I have a girlfriend like chendo on my next blog post!
… I guess I won’t be posting blogs ever again. orz

Playing Hgame>Translation?

Well, update on my life that no one cares about.

Title says it all, I’ve been slacking translation and was immersed in playing the games I bought in Japan.
But now, I’m pretty much finished with all the games. (Except for Higurashi because I was spoiled…)
Most games were worth the money and I’m quite happy finding some of the greatest games I’ve ever played (Ayakashibito, Flutter of Birds, Hello World, Sharin no Kuni…) Although, I did get some letdowns like Shuumatsu no Sugoshikata, Tomoyo after (yes, you heard me), and hoshizora planet.
So close to 20 games didn’t even last me 4 months…
Why is the talk on my life turning into talk of games? ^^

Now for what everyone cares about: the translation.
“The Gut” is finally fully trans- ……. sorry, that’s just a cruel joke.
Actually things are rolling pretty well. We have a graphic editor now and translation is going… well, ok.
I’m done with all the games and my schedule this quater is looking quite well so I’ll have lots of free time on hand for translation.
I’ll start posting translation progress on the Fate project page for those who wants to keep watch.
And looks like Tsukihime editing is getting closer to completion with Akiha route done as well. Cheer on Ryuusoul, everyone!

Vote for Sakura!

So it’s been 3 weeks since I came back from Japan.
School’s started and classes are sucking and taking up my time. But I’ve managed to finish 6 of the games I bought in Japan.
Here’s a small review of what I’ve played:

To heart2-Very good game, but it relied too much on the popularity of the previous game. Lots of moe, but that’s about it. (8 out of 10)

Shuumatsu no Sugoshikata- It had great potential setting (world coming to an end) but could not build on it, way too short. (5 out of 10)

Sharin no Kuni, Himawari no Shoujyo-Words cannot express this game. If you understand Japanese, this is a game to get. Scenario was amazing.(10 out of 10)

Remember 11-This game surpassed Ever17 in every aspect except one. It was interesting, lots of mysteries, more suspense, and I finished it straight from start to finish. The one aspect it lacked was the solving of the mystery. It leaves the player to figure the mystery out (To say what it’s like, it’s like Ever17 ending right at the “mirror scene.) (9 out of 10)

Kagetsu Tohya-A good fan-disc, but the system is so out of date, it irritated me while playing the game. Akira should have had more appearances too^^ (7 out of 10)

Fate Hollow Ataraxia-Good fan disc as well. Effects are god-like.They leaned more to comedy, and less action. I guess it depends on tastes, but I prefer they didnt do so. Sakura pool scene=nosebleed (8 out of 10)
Speaking of Fate, another voting will take place at the official Type-Moon page. Everyone, vote for Sakura!!! I will do anything to get her #1 ^^

(Progress:Prologue+1st day finished)