UBW update: Oct 2007

I just wanted to keep a log of this since I want all the editor applicants to read this if they haven’t yet. I also want to explain how we will be tackling UBW.


A lot has gone on in the past week regarding the project. After going over the editor applications and a lot of talking between the staffs, we have decided that asking for outside editors is not a way to go. I am very sorry for wasting everyone’s effort and time to apply. I cannot apologize enough.

To update people on what we are doing, we have decided that we would have rigorous testing after an initial light-editing phase.


So our current plan is:
EDITED: Nov 12th

1. I edit the current text. (This is complete)
2. Tester (proofers) go through and recommend changes. I will look over the recommendations and make changes if I see the recommendations valid. (We are here right now)
3. Insert final version of text (This should take like an hour since it’s automated)
4. Beta testing: testing installer (I say this could take couple days to around a week, depending on if bugs appear or not)
5. Release!

130 thoughts on “UBW update: Oct 2007

  1. Good job translating, amazing speed i might add. Its good to know that some people out there actually gives a damn about us can-not-read-japanese people(lol)

    damn… Id like to learn Japanese bad.

    btw… does anyone here know any place they sell Japanese games that ships to Sweden.

  2. Don’t feel bad about taking a break. Just recharge on some eroge and then you can sprint to the finish!
    I’m amazed at how fast you are editing the game. I can’t wait to finally play UBW (I’ve been trying to keep myself away from spoilers… very tough)

  3. Hi there, just wanted to thank you guys for your hard work, i had being pleasantly amazed by the update speed you had manage to work at.

    An is not bad to take a break, actually how would be able to blame you? xD

    o.o enjoy your eroge xD

  4. GOtta say thanks for what your doing, at that speed too! However, I also have the same question as shiro88: Is there going to be translation for Ataraxia too?

  5. I really want to thank everyone who worked their ass off working and editing in the release of this patch. This release is going to be like the best christmas gift ever (sort of)! Thanx a lot! ^_^

  6. Now that you mention that, I wonder if he’s going to release the official patch on Christmas lol. A question though, can someone explain what proofing and editing are? Translation is obviously translation and I think installtion is making it so that the patch installs the translated information into the game…

  7. In response to Menudo, proofing is making sure that the text is spelled correctly and the grammar is correct, and editing is making sure everything is in order, or if something needs changed in the text, it is made.

    Awesome job on the patch guys, I loved the fate route and can’t wait to see whats in store. I first heard of Fate/Stay Night by watching the anime. After learning it was originally a game, I just had to play it. Thanks for all your hard work Mirror Moon!

  8. Ah, it’s exciting that it’s in the testing phase.
    There’s still a long road ahead for the testers. When the patch is complete I’ll be sure to enjoy the fruits of everyones’ work to the fullest.

  9. I just can`t thank you enough guys, it’s hard to imagine how many effort are you putting into this, but I’m sure is a lot, and idk i just wanted to thank you people because if it weren’t for you i wouldn’t be able to play the game at all, and as a Fate fan i really must thank you even in an informal comment like this ^_^U

  10. LOL that comment made me burst out laughing,

    But really, thanks so much, you guys rock!!! Keep up the good work! I can’t wait for the UBW patch! gogogo!!! foo~
    one more thing, would you guys translate fate hollow ataxaria or fate zero in the future?

  11. If you read the blog post you’re responding to that question is answered ;p

    So our current plan is:
    1. I edit the current text.
    2. Tester (proofers) go through and recommend changes. I will look over the recommendations and make changes if I see the recommendations valid.
    3. Insert final version of text
    4. Beta testing (testing installer)
    5. Release!

    They are currently in Step 2/5.

    Great work!

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