Sakura-con Report

So I went to Sakura-con last weekend. (happening in Seattle WA for those of you who don’t know)
This will most likely be a boring topic since I’m just gonna write what I did.

Anyways, it all started the day before the con. My biggest mistake was to accept a job as an exhibitor at the con. I thought it was going to be cool since I would get in free and get paid for being there. The (BIG) downside was that I missed pretty much all the cool panels/concerts happening at that time and I missed going around the exhibitor’s hall since I was working the whole time it was open…

Friday: Parking sucked, as I looked for a spot for 30 minutes and finally found one about 20 minutes walk away. –; So I got there right as my work started. So I didn’t get to do anything until my work was over, which was 6PM. Afterwards, I met up with Shinji, Misu, and Mouse, and this is when I found out I missed out from the exhibitor’s hall as they got things that were already sold out. I bowed to go early the next day to raid what was left from the hendane booth.
The program also said that there will be Beatmania for 2 hours (This was what I was really looking forward to) in the arcade room. Before I go into this, let me describe what was in the Arcade hall this year. One Classic games collection, one old fighting game (vampire savior?), and that’s all. YES, THAT IS ALL. Anyways, I found out beatmania got cancelled, so I went home pissed off…

Sat: Work yet again. But today, I went a bit early so I could look around the booth as they were setting up. I went straight for Hendane (eroge booth). To be honest, I was disappointed with the small selection. I was ready to buy lots of eroges too… Well, so I was pretty much forced(!?) to buy other games that weren’t on my list of “to gets”. Work followed thereafter. I had to work through the move concert… –;;;;
Nothing much happened afterwards except for the visual novels panel. This was a very good and interesting panel. HOWEVER, I SHOULD HAVE TOLD THEM THAT I AM A KAKURE OTAKU (meaning, I’m not an open-out otaku). I didn’t want to be pointed at, and I wanted to hide in the audience in the back… But they pointed at me and talked to me, and they also took the stuff I bought and displayed it up front. To give a comparison, it’s like they got me naked and get me up front. ^^;;; Okay, I’m exaggerating.

Sun: I worked all day. I did sneak out once to go see the Kira (visual Novel) panel. I saw cool Yukito and Misuzu cosplayers there! They get my vote for best cosplay, because I love Air ^^

Spoils of war:
Ayakashibito poster
Sakuramusubi poster
+money from working
+good experience (There are some things money can’t buy)

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