Fate/stay night English v3.1 released!

mirror moon is happy to finally announce the release of Fate/stay night English v3.1, the which translates the entirety of the game. The patch also includes the ability to add voices into the game, provided you have a copy of Realta Nua (PS2), and can be also be played on a non-Japanese locale so that AppLocale is not required.

*EDIT: We got reports that the beta flowchart is still in the patch. We’ll take it out and release a fixed version ASAP. It’s not really a hinderance to the game unless you’re really bothered by it, so go ahead and play with the current patch if you’re fine with it

*EDIT 2: ArchDemon here. The flowchart was my bad. Sorry about that. Currently fixing.

*EDIT 3: v3.1 is now released. Once again, sorry for the confusion.

*EDIT 4: The bug still exists for the voiced version… Run the v3.1 quickfix after installing the voiced v3.1.

Wanko to Kurasou: Nadeshiko-san route patch!

Like the title says. A new patch for Wanko to Kurasou!!
This patch translates about 70% of the whole game.

This patch contains:
-Complete installer/patcher
-Complete translation of common route
-Complete translation of Nadeshiko-san route
-Complete translation of settings menu
-Complete translation of interface images
-Complete translation of log names

*This is NOT a mirror moon project


Please report typos and stuff here:
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Thank you, ArchDemon, Balcerzak, Dirkkun, Kjoery, SlashZero, TRA, Vivio for making this fast release possible!

1 month anniversary. Yet another Wanko to Kurasou patch.

This project is almost a month old! And here’s another patch for Wanko to Kurasou.
Project page (more like a forum)

*This patch translates all the text up to and including May 11th. (about 40% of the game/almost all of common route)
*This is a patch, so please make sure the game is installed on your machine before you run the patch installer.
*This is NOT a mirror moon project


Please report typos and stuff here:
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For anyone interested, current progress is:
Translation: 50% (1700/3400kb)
Editing: 40% (1400/3400kb)
Beta tested and released: 40% (1350/3400kb)

Another Wanko to Kurasou patch!!

We have just released another patch for Wanko to Kurasou!!
Project page (more like a forum)
This patch should show you how much moe Mikan can be ^^

*This patch translates all the text up to April 18th. (about 20% of the game)
*This is a patch, so please make sure the game is installed on your machine before you run the patch installer.
*This is NOT a mirror moon project


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Wanko to Kurasou teaser patch

We have just released a teaser patch for another game I’m translating, Wanko to Kurasou.

*This patch translates all the text up to the opening video.
*This is a patch, so please make sure the game is installed on your machine before you run the patch installer.
*You need to tell the installer where the game is located if the game wasn’t installed in the default directory
*This is not a mirror moon project


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Review: Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia & Kira Kira Curtain Call

So, yeah. I just finished playing Edelweiss Eiden Fantasia and Kira Kira Curtain Call.
Both games were freaking awesome, and I have to write something about it!! I love you, Overdrive!!!!!!

First, Edelweiss…

Started with Rin route. So freaking hilarious. I mean, your dick turns into a talking dick. It’s hard for this story not to be funny.
(TL: Glare)

Rin becomes friends with your talking penis, she even goes to make some clothes for it. Heck, she even pats it!
(TL: Yeah, I think it looks good on you. What do you think?)

You even get to play baseball AGAINST people like this.
(TL: Why do I bother? He talks incomprehensibly anyway)

I won’t spoil too much, but this route had me laughing A LOT!!!

Now, for Sakura route… This one was more of a moe route. Sakura turned into such a moe character!!
Girl with armpit fetish. How can you not love her?
(TL: I like armpits more)

And of course, the songs are awesome. I love the new UR@N Ashberry! And the guy friends are stupid in this one too, adding to the comedy.
Overall, 9/10

Now, Kira Kira Curtain Call.
Hot!! Hot!! It’s an exciting game! It’s as awesome as Kira Kira!!
It’s kind of weird, but the rock part was so much better than the romance part ^^
This picture sums up the first part.

I wish she was beatable…

I wanted the game to last longer… It was too short for a price of a full game, but I still loved this game. I now have the OP song stuck in my head.
9/10 for this game as well.

Now… I feel empty. I won’t have eroges I’ll be looking forward to this much… at least until Overdrive announces another game…

Some reviews and other updates

Well, another blog about eroge ^^
Haven’t had much time to play eroges recently, finishing Heavens feel translation and trying to get Brass Restoration and all that… But here’s a few I’ve played recently.

Chrono Belt: Ayakashibito and Bullet Butlers fan disc. Must buy if you’re a fan of either one or both games. Super awesome action and battles! A much better fan disc then, say, F/HA ^^ Score: 9.5

G-Senjou no Maou: Very good game. The story felt a bit convenient at times, but the story is great none the less. It’s one of those games where everything is so good that the small flaws become very apparent. Score: 9

Edelweiss: Now, this is a game where the flaws are overwhelmed by the good aspects of the game. The story is convenient again, but the comedy, the songs, and the scenario more than makes up for the flaws. But I’m also biased towards Overdrive ^^ Score: 9

Sekien no Inganock: The world atmosphere is great, as with the story. The art is… unique. Oh, but the Hscenes are worse than Kanon, and boy, that’s BAAAAAAAAD. Score: 8.5

Ikusamegami Zero: Enjoyed the game, got addicted to it. But too much to go through the second time. Oh, and not enough loli Score: 8.0

Wizard’s Climber: Played it over and over. A typical Soft house Chara game. Score: 8.0

Currently playing: Symphonic Rain: Depressing so far… I hear the ending is great, so I’ll keep at it.

Here’s some detailed current progress on the games I’m involved in.

Brass Restoration: I decided not wait for editors and edit the script myself so I can just get this game out. The original translation is worse than I thought. But I’ll probably be done in a few weeks. After that will be a quick beta (a very quick one); everything else is done for the release.

Farland Symphony: Weapon insertion is frankly being A BITCH, from what I hear. Insertion and beta-testing is the only thing left for it, though. Installer and other stuff is already done ^^

Heavens Feel: Editing and beta testing is progressing. This might end up taking a few months…

Up next: Overdrive is licenced now, so I might need to scratch the idea of translating Kira Kira… (T T)

Men at Work! 2 English release!!

We are very pleased to announce the release of our English translation of Men at Work! 2
Please be warned that this patch will not work with the original MAW2 game. This patch will only work with the voiced version of the game which comes with MAW3 DVD and MAW4 special edition.

You can download the installer from the following locations:

File Download Services:

Please report typos/errors to the appropriate threads

Forum Links:

Typo/grammar reports
Bug reports

You can buy the game on himeyashop. (not safe for work)

Same as our other releases, there is to be no discussion of obtaining the game via illegal means. In fact, there should never be discussion of obtaining the game via illegal means. If you want to see more of these games, support them by purchasing their games. We do not want to see our patch hosted or distributed with any illegal copies of the game.