Playing Hgame>Translation?

Well, update on my life that no one cares about.

Title says it all, I’ve been slacking translation and was immersed in playing the games I bought in Japan.
But now, I’m pretty much finished with all the games. (Except for Higurashi because I was spoiled…)
Most games were worth the money and I’m quite happy finding some of the greatest games I’ve ever played (Ayakashibito, Flutter of Birds, Hello World, Sharin no Kuni…) Although, I did get some letdowns like Shuumatsu no Sugoshikata, Tomoyo after (yes, you heard me), and hoshizora planet.
So close to 20 games didn’t even last me 4 months…
Why is the talk on my life turning into talk of games? ^^

Now for what everyone cares about: the translation.
“The Gut” is finally fully trans- ……. sorry, that’s just a cruel joke.
Actually things are rolling pretty well. We have a graphic editor now and translation is going… well, ok.
I’m done with all the games and my schedule this quater is looking quite well so I’ll have lots of free time on hand for translation.
I’ll start posting translation progress on the Fate project page for those who wants to keep watch.
And looks like Tsukihime editing is getting closer to completion with Akiha route done as well. Cheer on Ryuusoul, everyone!

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