Unlimited Blade Works Route Translation at 50%

Like the title says. It’ll still need a lot of polishing, but half of the route is translated now. Day 14 is going to be a bi*ch because it’s about a megabyte of text with 100kb of H –;
I’ve been getting a lot done recently since there’s no net connection in my place now.

That’s the good news, and now onto the bad news.
Expect a long time with no work since I’m going to Japan at the end of this month (for a week). I’m hoping I can at least buy half of the eroges I want to get. Playing them would kill at least a month!!

Anyone know of a good eroge I should buy in Japan?

Here’s the current list of eroge I want to buy in Japan this trip.
Here is the games I’ve already played.

それは舞い散る桜のように (BasiL)
Lien ~終わらない君の唄~ (PURPLE)
いちょうの舞う頃 (Types)
Treating2U (BLUE GALE)
秋桜の空に (Marron)
大悪司 (Alicesoft)
もしも明日が晴れならば (ぱれっと)
らくえん~あいかわらずなぼく。の場合~ (TerraLunar)
つくとり (ruf)
フォセット -Cafe au Le Ciel Bleu-(GIGA)
ショコラ ~maid cafe “curio”~ (GIGA)
この青空に約束を (GIGA)
遥かに仰ぎ、麗しの (PULLTOP)
群青の空を越えて (light)
StarTRain (mixed up)
うたわれるもの (leaf)
EVE burst error
Bullet Butlers (propeller)
車輪の国、悠久の少年少女 (あかべぇそふとつぅ)
幻燐の姫将軍2 ~導かれし魂の系譜~ (エウシュリー)
僕はキミだけを見つめる~I gaze at only you (れいんどっぐ(同人))
永遠のアセリア-The Spirit of Eternity Sword- (XUSE)

勝 あしたの雪之丞2 (+1) (elf)
しすたぁエンジェル (TerraLunar)
鈴がうたう日 (Tactics)
真瑠璃色の雪 (アイル)
カタハネ (Tarte)
遊撃警艦パトベセル ~こちら首都圏上空青空署~ (May-Be Soft)
ヒトカタノオウ ヲルノモリ (Artel Team Prefab)

38 thoughts on “Unlimited Blade Works Route Translation at 50%

  1. I’m not gonna buy the Da carpo series because I hate the company’s marketing…
    Minori… I haven’t played ef, but I haven’t heard good things about it.

    And I’m surprised how some people want Fate’s Hscene ^^

  2. that is becuz FSN is still an eroge despite its complicated and detailed plot, unique characters and origins of said charcters, and exciting battle scenes. eroges need h-scenes. its like taking out the noodles from ramen. all you have then is the broth and the toppings.

  3. I wish you fun and luck on collecting these Eroge’s
    But read fast!!!1ONE

    I can’t wait for the release
    I forgot to note down the grammar mistakes in the previous release but I’ll do it this time haha. You did a very good job so far and I am here to enjoy and perfectionize it.

    Again, have fun on your trip!

  4. Need… broadband…

    Yes, I will be translating Heaven’s feel after UBW…
    And I guess you don’t know me well if you suggest anything by Navel. I HATED SHUFFLE! I will swear I will not buy anything from them no matter what!!!!!!!!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH SHUFFLE SUCKED ASS!!!???

    I’ve played haru no ashioto which was very very good.
    I might try out bittersweet fools. But I havent heard many good things about wind other than the graphics. –;

    The problem is that I’m finding mroe eroges I want the more I search about them… Dammit!
    well, I’ll keep translating until I go. Chances are about 90% would be done by the time I leave. (meaning everything except Hscene)
    *me adds パティシエなにゃんこ
    any PINKVISION doujin
    to the list

    Best wishes to Yuzu-Nee and Riki-chan.
    The final ep adn the pic on the site was mind-boggling.
    I will support utaware radio forever!

  5. I personally found Navel’s Soul Link tolerable. Far too much awful H, but the plot was quite a bit better than everything else by Navel =p

    (I didn’t like Shuffle! or Tick Tack. I didn’t mind Really?Really!, though, but probably only because it was different)

    As for the UBW H scene, I would not be against the idea of skipping translating the H scene entirely and adjusting the script to skip it, like a mandatory all-ages version. I bet a lot of other people would complain if you did, though =p

  6. Curse you broadband! CURSE YOUUUUU!

    Nah just kidding. Have fun w/ ur new connection lol.

    And yeah, it’s ok even if the H-scenes aren’t translated, they can be added later. I mean they’re not *supposed to be* the focus of the game.

  7. Nuh-uh!

    Deny me my Rin ero and heads will roll!!!


    Take your time with the translation, and have fun in Japan. 🙂

  8. sorry for double-posting, but there is no way that the h-scenes can be skipped. never!!!!! for those who want an all-age version, go buy yourself a copy of Realta Nua and play it on PS2. dont deny others the h-scenes.

  9. Just for the heck of it, nab minori’s BITTERSWEET FOOLS. For the record, I liked it better than Wind and Haru no Ashioto, although I might be a loner there. I haven’t played ef.

    EDIT: Also, while you’re in Japan, get someone there to translate the H scene for you =p

  10. Thanks so much for your hard work. I really enjoyed the Fate route and I now look forward to this one.

    According to your last update, your motivation has hit a sort of wall. It’s understandable, having to translate all that and still having that huge last day to go. Please don’t overwork yourself. ^^

    That said, I would really like it if you finished the whole thing before you take your trip to Japan. I’m not trying to pressure you, and it’s perfectly fine if you don’t finish it in time, coz you’ve worked so hard already. Still, it would mean a lot to me if you did. :3

    Thanks again and keep up the great work. Hope you’ll have fun on your trip. ^^

  11. TakaJun is at the forefront of bringing FSN to the english fan community…it’s both an admirable and monumental task.

    Best of luck to Tango Juliet

  12. What he said.

    I’m really waiting for UBW but don’t stress yourself too much.
    or else it cost to you and to the rest of the people.

    So I’m just thanking for what all you guy have done so far
    and I wish the best of luck to the whole staff.

  13. Yup, i really think it’s done.

    it was 95% the other day, but now it suddenly vanished. The only reason i can think of the raw translation is done (hopefully the editing too) and what we are waiting for is for the patch to be made.

    I wasn’t checking frequently back at the Fate route translation work. but can anyone that did frequently check the work on the Fate route tell us whether this is the case?

  14. Awesome thank you…. i’ve steped away from being a lurker to come support you guys. If i can help with in my time frame i will. To bad all i can do is search for bugs ><... you guys turned me into a huge type-moon fan with your translations....thank you. -Nick "The Ninja" Gerry

  15. Can’t wait for this spectacular moment xD (UBW release date ^^). What about Current editing progress?
    Two thumbs up for new editor! Ganbatte!

  16. I’m glad to see things are going well for the UBW patch, can’t wait to see it done! I wonder what how far the editing has gone…
    Thank you so much for all your work. 🙂

  17. Hey there…
    I’m very excited on the release of the UBW patch…
    I’ll visit everytime to check the status of the translation…
    Thnx 4 the great translation of the Fate route…

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