Fate/stay night English v3.1 released!

mirror moon is happy to finally announce the release of Fate/stay night English v3.1, the which translates the entirety of the game. The patch also includes the ability to add voices into the game, provided you have a copy of Realta Nua (PS2), and can be also be played on a non-Japanese locale so that AppLocale is not required.

*EDIT: We got reports that the beta flowchart is still in the patch. We’ll take it out and release a fixed version ASAP. It’s not really a hinderance to the game unless you’re really bothered by it, so go ahead and play with the current patch if you’re fine with it

*EDIT 2: ArchDemon here. The flowchart was my bad. Sorry about that. Currently fixing.

*EDIT 3: v3.1 is now released. Once again, sorry for the confusion.

*EDIT 4: The bug still exists for the voiced version… Run the v3.1 quickfix after installing the voiced v3.1.

42 thoughts on “Fate/stay night English v3.1 released!

  1. Woohoo Heaven’s feel patch finally. Guess i wouldn’t be able to concentrate on school work for the next few days but thats a price i’ll gladly pay. Thanks mirror moon

  2. “November 1st 2008, Fate/stay night is translated into english by the group called mirror moon…”

    wow… I’m in love πŸ™‚

  3. oh wow…
    congrats on finishing such a massive project.. im sure everyone here can be thankful for all of the hard work u guys have put into this

  4. I was just wondering around in some pages when i suddenly had this feeling that i must enter mirrormon, and voila!, big surprise!. Thank you for your hard work to all the staff!

  5. Thank you for the translation. I can’t find the words to express my gratitude to you all. This Heaven’s Feel route is something, that’s soo good, i couldnt stop until i finishd it.

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