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Well, another blog about eroge ^^
Haven’t had much time to play eroges recently, finishing Heavens feel translation and trying to get Brass Restoration and all that… But here’s a few I’ve played recently.

Chrono Belt: Ayakashibito and Bullet Butlers fan disc. Must buy if you’re a fan of either one or both games. Super awesome action and battles! A much better fan disc then, say, F/HA ^^ Score: 9.5

G-Senjou no Maou: Very good game. The story felt a bit convenient at times, but the story is great none the less. It’s one of those games where everything is so good that the small flaws become very apparent. Score: 9

Edelweiss: Now, this is a game where the flaws are overwhelmed by the good aspects of the game. The story is convenient again, but the comedy, the songs, and the scenario more than makes up for the flaws. But I’m also biased towards Overdrive ^^ Score: 9

Sekien no Inganock: The world atmosphere is great, as with the story. The art is… unique. Oh, but the Hscenes are worse than Kanon, and boy, that’s BAAAAAAAAD. Score: 8.5

Ikusamegami Zero: Enjoyed the game, got addicted to it. But too much to go through the second time. Oh, and not enough loli Score: 8.0

Wizard’s Climber: Played it over and over. A typical Soft house Chara game. Score: 8.0

Currently playing: Symphonic Rain: Depressing so far… I hear the ending is great, so I’ll keep at it.

Here’s some detailed current progress on the games I’m involved in.

Brass Restoration: I decided not wait for editors and edit the script myself so I can just get this game out. The original translation is worse than I thought. But I’ll probably be done in a few weeks. After that will be a quick beta (a very quick one); everything else is done for the release.

Farland Symphony: Weapon insertion is frankly being A BITCH, from what I hear. Insertion and beta-testing is the only thing left for it, though. Installer and other stuff is already done ^^

Heavens Feel: Editing and beta testing is progressing. This might end up taking a few months…

Up next: Overdrive is licenced now, so I might need to scratch the idea of translating Kira Kira… (T T)

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