Men at Work! 2 English release!!

We are very pleased to announce the release of our English translation of Men at Work! 2
Please be warned that this patch will not work with the original MAW2 game. This patch will only work with the voiced version of the game which comes with MAW3 DVD and MAW4 special edition.

You can download the installer from the following locations:

File Download Services:

Please report typos/errors to the appropriate threads

Forum Links:

Typo/grammar reports
Bug reports

You can buy the game on himeyashop. (not safe for work)

Same as our other releases, there is to be no discussion of obtaining the game via illegal means. In fact, there should never be discussion of obtaining the game via illegal means. If you want to see more of these games, support them by purchasing their games. We do not want to see our patch hosted or distributed with any illegal copies of the game.

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