April Fools: Project server

As some of you may have noticed, the red theme has been reset to the default black (or white). We do not currently feel like celebrating, so we’ve decided to delay our release plans for the time being. Yesterday afternoon (European time) we found out we could no longer establish a connection to Satsuki, our project server hosting all SVN repositories and release binaries. After much contact with the hosting provider, we have come to understand that the physical server hosting the VPS was taken offline due to warez activity.

The server(s) was/were confiscated by the police, so we have no idea what has happened to our data or if we’ll be able to get it back. Most of our project work was stored on Satsuki, but I’ve found some backups that we’re looking at at the moment to determine how much was lost. But seeing that we’ve made a lot of changes to the Farland Symphony files over the past two to three months, we are really hoping we’ll be able to get the data stored on Satsuki back from the Dutch police soon.

We will post updated information here as soon as we have it.

Update: Most project files have luckily been recovered from an offline backup copy (thanks, Arch!). The provider says the police physically removed the server from the datacenter, so they can give us no guarantees that our VPS will be returned intact. We have been unable to recover any recent changes to the Farland and Tsukihime projects (up to three months worth…), and some preliminary work in another corner as well. So our hopes rest with the hosters comign with good news, or a good amount of very hard work may have been lost in those areas. (Feel free to file a complaint at a Dutch police office somewhere… We’re still trying but I’ve been unable to get anyone to listen. Frustration doesn’t begin to describe it.)

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