MBAACC English v0.52

We’re continuing to work on MBAACC as our schedules allow it. Today’s update translates the win quotes of Sion, Arcueid, Ciel, Tohno Akiha, Hisui & Kohaku, Hisui, Kohaku and Tohno Shiki. As usual, all you need to do to update your game is run the new installer.

Melty Blood Actress Again Current Code English v0.52:

[US mirror] [EU mirror] [MediaFire]

Forum links:

[Detailed progress thread]
[Typo and bug reports]

11 thoughts on “MBAACC English v0.52

  1. um…. how do i apply the patch?
    when i download this patch the format was .exe
    i though i just need to place this patch file on my MBAACC folder and start it with the patch
    and then this thing suddenly pop out
    “Error Launching Installer”
    any tips so i can start this? with patch of course

    • Hi Silver_Rhytm,

      All our translations are released as installers, not patches. You just need to run our installer and it will either patch the Japanese game, or install the game from the Japanese disc straight to English.

      The error you are getting is also known as the ‘NSIS Error’. It appears when the installer is somehow corrupted or incomplete. The obvious cause for this is an incomplete download, so I recommend you to redownload the patch installer. If the problem persists, you can find some other possible causes, and possible solutions, on the NSIS project site:

      Please do let us know how it works out for you.

  2. I’m trying to install the english patch, but it’s saying I need the japanese DVD, which I have the game in the desktop, not on a DVD. How do I patch it like that?

  3. Question: Where do I ACTUALLY buy the game? And do you have a FAQ somewhere? I feel like a FAQ would answer a lot of my other questions.

  4. Could you make a list where you can buy it?

    I don’t have an account on and I heard that your account gets deleted if you make a fake one.

    I would really like to buy the game but since you need to give them an address, that is actually in japan, to get your stuff I can’t.
    (Amazon would send it to the fake address)

    Maybe an instruction to how to get the game in the best way would help me and a lot of other people.

    The marketing of this game seems a little off to me and that is a little sad.

    I hope I get an Answer to my problem soon.
    P.S.: Sorry for my english I’m from germany.

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