April Fools: Project server update

Update 2: I’ve finally talked to a police officer (somewhat) involved in the raid on our provider. The short version of it: We won’t get our files back. Not this year, anyway. There’s nothing we can do about this, and it is definitely the last straw for all people involved in this accursed project. We’ve worked very hard over the past few months to re-translate Farland Symphony from scratch, proofread the script several times, edit all images, create installer, readme and whatnot, and now we have NOTHING to show for it. Except some months-old backups.

Putting it shortly and simply, we’re done with it. Translation alone has been done at least three times already, and it’s getting us nowhere. Motivation has dropped to a zero. We have therefore decided to pass the ball to whoever believe they have better luck. We don’t want to release something without proper translation, so we will hand over our current files to whoever wants to take a look. Good luck and have fun to whoever wants to try.

Old Farland project files from our backup:
[MegaUpload] [RapidShare]

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