Farland Symphony English v1.2 Released

Farland Symphony English v1.2 is a polished update of the previous release, fixing some small errors and updating the installer for better compatibility. Barring any extreme surprises, this should be the last release of Farland Symphony English for a long time. The latest download links are always shown on the project page, but currently the patch can also be downloaded from the locations listed below.

NOTE: This patch is for both the original and Encore editions.

Farland Symphony English v1.22:

[US mirror] [EU mirror] [RapidShare]

Forum links:

[Farland Symphony Chat]
[Typo/grammar reports]
[Bug reports]

EDIT 1: Well, I guess we were asking for this when we called this one final… There was a slight problem with the installer that caused a crash in some rare situations. It should be fixed with version 1.21, links have been updated.

EDIT 2: Taste the irony… I wonder how many final releases we can make before the month is out. orz

ArchDemon Edit: Okay, that does it. I’m going to play through the whole game at least twice before building a new version. Expect a new release when I’m done.

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