long time no update

Just to quick update to tell you guys we’re still here.

The editing is still going at a slowish pace, but it can’t be helped. I can’t think of a better way to do this.

Just keep your pants on and wait for the completion of the project.

chendo graduates!

Title speaks for itself. As of an hour ago, I have officially graduated from high school 😀

Then I’ll be away for a week of partying, drinking and picking up chicks at Schoolies.


I win!

WinHex. I love you.

The problem with the filesystem was that the directory listing headers were shifted 4 bytes for some reason. All I had to do was delete (backing them up, of course) four bytes out of the appropriate spots and I have most (if not all) my files back.

WinHex rules.

Quick update about Tsukihime itself:

As I said, the rewrite will take a while to complete since it has to be done by a single person to get the consistency that we want. I’m not giving any ETAs but I can tell you it’ll take over 6 months. Unless somehow has much more free time than he has now.

Personally, I’m busy and won’t be able to work on the project till the end of my high school life (!), but that’s approaching quite close.

And I’m wondering about all those user spikes the last couple of days o.o


Hi. I haven’t updated for a while, and I’m waiting for something to finish (I’ll tell you later on) so here I am.

I ‘dinged’ 17 last Saturday… had a small party where I had a few friends (male and female) over to chat, eat, play Mario Kart/Super Smash Brothers/Tekken/Halo/Karaoke Revolution and watch FFVII. Not too bad.

But yeah, the second I woke up on Sunday, I had to resume my editing frenzy for CAM. I worked on the holographic effect then, and it shaped up pretty well.

Today: I just finished rendering some glowing effects for the dream sequence and was about to import it into Premiere when… “Unknown file format.”

“… What?”

I tried opening the file manually… no go. Confused, I try unmounting the drive and remounting it.

“This drive has not been formatted.”

Shit. With a capital S. I’m HOPING that it’s just the FAT table’s that’s screwed and that’s all I need to fix it, so I found a (hopefully very useful) article (http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8366) which will hopefully save my ass. I booted into Gentoo and merged GPart, a partition table rebuilder and now it’s running.

I seriously hope this works… cause otherwise that’s at least 100 hours of work gone. And it’s Windows’ fault.

I’ll update this… whenever I have an update.

Update: 12:18am

I used WinHex to shift the partition header to where I -think- it belongs. It works to some extent (I can see files and directories in WinHex), but explorer hangs when loading (due to some FAT directory corruption).

Booted into Linux, fsck.vfat had nothing to say, either, and gpart still didn’t work.

Going back into windows to shift the header back.

Quick update

Just a quick blog about the progress so far.

I’ve found a person willing to go through the entire script and rewrite most of it, as the script in the current state is ugly and doesn’t ‘flow’. Of course, this pushes the release date further into the future, but I’m sure you guys would rather play a quality release, no?

I’m personally caught up with recent events (editing/doing sound/special effects for CAM, recent Japanese reading exam [A], English and Film assesment next week and my 17th birthday coming up [!!!111oneone]), so I haven’t been able to work on the project as I would have liked to.

I can’t afford to let my marks drop in the last term of my final year, so my real life has priority as of now.

Promoted this one to front page as it contains (possibly) important info, but it’s still a blog.

Beta-phase started

The script hit the web less than ten minutes ago. At least for the beta-testers, anyway.

Takajun has also started uploading his translation of “Kara no Kyoukai”, a novel that features a main character similar to Shiki, gifted (or cursed) with the ability to see those lines. It is written by the same author as Tsukihime (Nasu).

I might actually get more than five hours of sleep tonight.


Just decided to go to a couple of scenes and take screenshots.

Please note that these are not the final changes and the quality is still a bit sub-par (pre-alpha/beta), but it should give you a rough impression of what we’ve done.

click here

Also, beta testing is scheduled to begin within the next two days.

it works!

I had to fiddle with some of the choice insert code but the script works perfectly fine in ONScripter 😀

Then I got bored and played WoW… and I hit 60 😀

Then I went on the test server and organized a 15 druid raid. We hit Astranaar, Darkshore, then Darnassus. We wiped cause we met up with 30 NE druids in their duelling area.

I’m at Cenarion Hold…. guards don’t aggro, so it’s a massize zerg fest 😀

Anyway… I emailed all the beta-testers and most of them have replied, so we should be getting under way soon.

It is now 4:11am and I woke up at 9am yesterday.

A little hiccup

I forgot to insert tho choice text. Shouldn’t take long, as I figured out a better way to insert them in without doing it one, big, ugly regex replace.

Just a little note, savegames from the original (Japanese) game will not work with the patch, due to the way the savegames work. The ONScripter uses a different savegame format and I -think- it works off line numbers and since we have modified the script, it won’t be in the right spot and I have no clue what happens with that.

And 1.8 test realms are out. Popped in and specced feral… nothing like a ravage crit for 1.4k (2 combo points due to talents), followed by a shred crit for 800 (another 2 combo points), rip, then FB crit for 1.6k… on another druid wearing leather. Imagine the damage on squishies 😀

And I also broke the 1000g mark after selling an epic… time to go buy me that epic mount, but I can’t use it till I’m 60 anyway 🙁

Back to getting the choices inserted.

Insertion COMPLETE!

Yeah, don’t misread the title. It looks quite similar to the previous one.

Insertion probably took around 3 hours in total (not counting the times where I get sidetracked, etc). I forgot there was a jump in the numbers (429 to 500) so I was finished earlier than I think I would.

All that’s left to do is to compile the newest version of ONScripter and do some alpha testing before beta-testing starts.

I can tell you though, that I wouldn’t want to release the script as it is at the moment… There’s quite a lot of grammar/punctuation/wording/etc that needs to be fixed, so bear with us. Beta-testing will take quite a while, I believe.

I gotta get used to the issue tracking drupal has or use bugzilla or something.

That’ll have to wait tomorrow, though. Sleep time.

Edit: Forgot to mention I’m thinking about a web port. Poll is here.

Edit: It works so far (only did short playtest), only some hiccups regarding audio (mp3s). WoW distracted me… new druid changes out 🙂 Will test more and possibly release tomorrow.