I win!

WinHex. I love you.

The problem with the filesystem was that the directory listing headers were shifted 4 bytes for some reason. All I had to do was delete (backing them up, of course) four bytes out of the appropriate spots and I have most (if not all) my files back.

WinHex rules.

Quick update about Tsukihime itself:

As I said, the rewrite will take a while to complete since it has to be done by a single person to get the consistency that we want. I’m not giving any ETAs but I can tell you it’ll take over 6 months. Unless somehow has much more free time than he has now.

Personally, I’m busy and won’t be able to work on the project till the end of my high school life (!), but that’s approaching quite close.

And I’m wondering about all those user spikes the last couple of days o.o

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