Hi. I haven’t updated for a while, and I’m waiting for something to finish (I’ll tell you later on) so here I am.

I ‘dinged’ 17 last Saturday… had a small party where I had a few friends (male and female) over to chat, eat, play Mario Kart/Super Smash Brothers/Tekken/Halo/Karaoke Revolution and watch FFVII. Not too bad.

But yeah, the second I woke up on Sunday, I had to resume my editing frenzy for CAM. I worked on the holographic effect then, and it shaped up pretty well.

Today: I just finished rendering some glowing effects for the dream sequence and was about to import it into Premiere when… “Unknown file format.”

“… What?”

I tried opening the file manually… no go. Confused, I try unmounting the drive and remounting it.

“This drive has not been formatted.”

Shit. With a capital S. I’m HOPING that it’s just the FAT table’s that’s screwed and that’s all I need to fix it, so I found a (hopefully very useful) article (http://www.linuxjournal.com/article/8366) which will hopefully save my ass. I booted into Gentoo and merged GPart, a partition table rebuilder and now it’s running.

I seriously hope this works… cause otherwise that’s at least 100 hours of work gone. And it’s Windows’ fault.

I’ll update this… whenever I have an update.

Update: 12:18am

I used WinHex to shift the partition header to where I -think- it belongs. It works to some extent (I can see files and directories in WinHex), but explorer hangs when loading (due to some FAT directory corruption).

Booted into Linux, fsck.vfat had nothing to say, either, and gpart still didn’t work.

Going back into windows to shift the header back.

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