Quick update

Just a quick blog about the progress so far.

I’ve found a person willing to go through the entire script and rewrite most of it, as the script in the current state is ugly and doesn’t ‘flow’. Of course, this pushes the release date further into the future, but I’m sure you guys would rather play a quality release, no?

I’m personally caught up with recent events (editing/doing sound/special effects for CAM, recent Japanese reading exam [A], English and Film assesment next week and my 17th birthday coming up [!!!111oneone]), so I haven’t been able to work on the project as I would have liked to.

I can’t afford to let my marks drop in the last term of my final year, so my real life has priority as of now.

Promoted this one to front page as it contains (possibly) important info, but it’s still a blog.

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