A little hiccup

I forgot to insert tho choice text. Shouldn’t take long, as I figured out a better way to insert them in without doing it one, big, ugly regex replace.

Just a little note, savegames from the original (Japanese) game will not work with the patch, due to the way the savegames work. The ONScripter uses a different savegame format and I -think- it works off line numbers and since we have modified the script, it won’t be in the right spot and I have no clue what happens with that.

And 1.8 test realms are out. Popped in and specced feral… nothing like a ravage crit for 1.4k (2 combo points due to talents), followed by a shred crit for 800 (another 2 combo points), rip, then FB crit for 1.6k… on another druid wearing leather. Imagine the damage on squishies 😀

And I also broke the 1000g mark after selling an epic… time to go buy me that epic mount, but I can’t use it till I’m 60 anyway 🙁

Back to getting the choices inserted.

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