Fate/stay night English v3.2

Thanks to the people who've reported bugs and problems they experienced with the previous version, today we release Fate/stay night English v3.2. This new release fixes a crashing bug in the voiced UBW route, as well as the CD version installation failure on Windows Vista x64. Also we've finally gotten rid of that infernal debug mode properly. >_>

As usual, you can use the v3.2 installer to update any previous version.

Fate/stay night English v3.2

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12 thoughts on “Fate/stay night English v3.2

  1. Hi!

    I’m working on the translation of F/SN onto italian.
    I would like some tips to create the installer (there is still 10% for complete the translation of the fate route!).

    I’m using this tool:
    is the same that you use to?
    if so could you give me some information for reading the .xp3 archive?..I do not know exactly what look for 🙁


  2. Hi,
    Thanx for the english translation patch, however, I cant download the patch from either links, is there any other way i can obtain the patch???

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