The Good Kind of Arrrmatey

By now everybody should be aware that we of mirror moon and Revolve Translations never ask for any form of compensation for our work and effort. We do these projects because we enjoy them, and to promote the genre of these games outside the Japanese markets. We’ve said it before and we will continue saying it: The best way to support us is to buy the games we translate.

Having said that however, I have recently discovered that Turner Classic Movies offers the ability for people to vote which classic movies they should release on DVD. So in an unofficial capacity I would like to ask all you fans out there to help me in my quest: Telling TMC to release the only good kind of piracy!
Treasure Island, starring the number 1 actor of old Charlton Heston, is by virtually all viewers considered to be the best rendition of the book ever made, and I would really want to see it released once more.

This is where you come in! Not as a reward, but as a personal favour to me, I would be very thankful if you could cast a vote in favour of this awesome film. To vote, simply go to this page (link), click on the little brown ‘vote’ button to the right, and enter whatever mailaddress you want. Don’t worry, nothing will be sent to you unless you enable the extra option.

Many thanks for every vote you can get me — Long live the fans!

51 thoughts on “The Good Kind of Arrrmatey

  1. Voted.
    I would like to send my thanks to everyone at mirror-moon for working so hard on the F/SN project. You have no idea how much this means to me. THANK YOU!

  2. Thanks to a total of 320 votes since I posed this request, Treasure Island has now jumped from 14th place to 11th place! Many thanks to everyone who voted. Tell your friends! Vote under a different name! This is the best motivation for proofchecking I’ve had since my bet with Taka. šŸ˜€

  3. Well voted four times, but then I went and ran out of email’s. Maybe I should make a few more AIM screen names or something. Thanks for all the hard work, and I wouldn’t mind seeing this video out myself.

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  4. Voted. Like everyone else, that’s the least we can do. Don’t be so modest! feel free to throw up a request like this anytime you feel like it. You guys are the ones doing most of the work.

  5. > But as for spamming, can’t they check what sites link to their site and stuff?

    Hmm… Being it far from me to complain about 750 votes (because it’s just plain awesome!), I don’t think it’s the best idea to spam dozens of votes with fake mailaddresses. I mean, regardless of the online system, they’re bound to check their logs for obvious cheat votes. Better to tell other people about this than to throw in a@, b@ etc, me thinks.

    Still thanks to everyone who voted, we’ve jumped from 14th place to 11th place to 8th place. Keep ’em coming. ^____^

  6. just thought I should post the rankings

    #1 Green Mansions (1959)
    4231 votes; vote now

    #2 The Mortal Storm (1940)
    4011 votes; vote now

    #3 Smilin’ Through (1932)
    3632 votes; vote now

    #4 Notorious (1946)
    3463 votes; vote now

    #5 The African Queen (1951)
    3339 votes; vote now

    #6 Northwest Passage (1940)
    3318 votes; vote now

    #7 Treasure Island (1990)
    3076 votes; vote now

  7. Hm this means Treasure Island is a good 1000+ votes down. It seems like I will have to recruit some friends to help out. And if they don’t want to, I’ll enter their email in for them! ^-^ Since I know they really do want to help deep inside.

    Let us spread the word, rather then enter in bogus emails enter the emails of everyone on your address book (if they won’t willingly do it)

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  8. Dang… BW beat me to it… I was JUST about to share that idea as well! lol

    Oh well.. i’ve already put in almost all of the mail i know as ‘votes’. Even my spare mails… So all is good.

    Now that i think about it… It could be possible that they would view the votes as IP addresses at the end of the day… Then that would be bad… But hell, at least we tried!


  9. Indeed, ip-address filtering is another problem. So it’s infinitely better to have your friends vote by themselves. Or get a dynamic ip-address. šŸ™‚

  10. yeah…i loved this movie too…i think i saw this movie when it first came out…i was like 5…i’d love to see this movie again as well…voting as soon as i finish this message

  11. Well I seriously doubt they would so immediately declare ‘We need an email to prevent multiple voting’ and then log our IP’s. I think they figure that it will balance itself out in the end, as we might be spamming every email we ever made in our entire lives other people are doing it for other videos too. Kinda self balances in that sense. Though it helps when you have an entire website to recruit xP

    Voting Count- 22 and going (still got some people holding out on me)

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

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