Utawarerumono Status Thread

I figure I can keep this one updated and stop having to make a bunch of new posts.

Translation: 100%
Proofing: 100%
Editing Pics: 100%
Installer: Vista Testing Remains
Font tweaking remains
Making sure the game just doesn’t crash all the time remains (but this is mostly all done)

8 Nov
It’s hard to update percentages on pics since I’m not the one doing them. However, the image editors we brought on board work pretty quickly and I’m pleased with what I’ve seen so far! So don’t worry, progress IS being made and made well.

12 Nov
Edit status only what I’ve confirmed as working in the game (could be higher).

29 Nov
All we need now is an installer and we’re set. Probably not going to have a beta stage…

07 Jan 08
Added some updates to installer status.

55 thoughts on “Utawarerumono Status Thread

  1. I didn’t get too much testing done, but on the bright side, me and phiber (more like phiber, I just tested stuff) got the picture extraction problem solved now.

    I have about 4 image editors asking to help, so we will have to see. Hopefully they can all combine efforts to get that done quickly.

    While proofing, I have been playing with the text inserted, so most if not all of that should hopefully be squared away (once I get done).

  2. 50%… A big jump on the images! And according to Ryu, its the ones that he had CONFIRMED TO BE WORKING IN-GAME!

    Alittle bit more and all that’s left are beta testings..


  3. The only thing suppressing my impatience is the fact that I know you guys are doing (and have done) great work.

    Stay awesome, and hurry up. 😀

  4. Ah so we have hit the final stretch it seems, such beautiful work guy’s and really looking forward to the final product. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in! I already have my disc shaking in my hands in anticipation.

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  5. I know I can’t wait to see it come to life…

    Everyone involved in this project and even the fans; I give my thanks 😉

    I think this will be a fun game. More than half of the game being the VN style we love (storyyy!!), and the other half being tactical battles that bring back memories of Final Fantasy Tactics…

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