Utawarerumono Update: 92.04%

I have been really busy with real life, but progress on story/battle translation is 86.8%. While it certainly doesn’t garner as much press as UBW, look forward to this one too! (I really like it, even if I AM biased)

For me, Eruruw will always win Saimoe!

Edited: Progress is now 92.04% on story/battle translation.

15 thoughts on “Utawarerumono Update: 92.04%

  1. Yay. Its almost completion… I cant wait. Only a little more left to go. Cant wait, cant wait…

    But even so, is there still gonna be a beta testing phase? So its still gonna take some time right?

    But great work anyway. Keep it up! XD

    Oh and have i said that im excited, and that i cant wait for it to be released? XD LOL


  2. Yes! It is nearly finished!
    Honestly, I’m an avid fan of archer in FSN in the TV series.
    I can’t wait for the true UBW in visual novel!
    At last I’ll know everything.
    Keep up your best work.
    Hope we inspired you in testing….

  3. hey, nice work!!! ^^
    thanks to all mirror moon members for the hard works ^^
    I’m looking forward to it, both utawarerumono and UBW =D
    well keep up the good work, ganbatte ne ^^b

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