Tsukihime English for Linux and OSX

Over the past three months several people have asked when the linux and/or MacOS versions of Tsukihime English will be released. The answer is ‘not until we can compile ONScripter to work off-the-shelf on most linux platforms without requiring the user to install anything else’. The people working on this have not been successful, so it looks like there will not be an official linux/OSX release from mirror moon for some time to come. Instead of making everyone wait until that time, we’ve decided to post the source code for those of you who want to compile ONScripter themselves:

Get insani’s ONScripter source code from 2006.07.24, then apply our code patch to the source code. Make sure you have the right dependencies and change the Makefile as appropriate, then compile the program. To play Tsukihime English, simply copy default.ttf, nscript.dat, arc.sar and arc.nsa from your Tsukihime English installation in Windows to your compiled ONScripter directory in Linux/OSX.

The code patch is provided as is and no support will be offered on it, so do not ask us for help with any of the above.

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