What is so unlikable about the forums?

Well, someone posted a link to yet another large Type-Moon fansite forum that has grown large in size.

Tell me, what have I been doing wrong with the revolve-translation/mirrormoon forum? I really want to know.

I created the forum for the sole purpose of giving people a place to talk about Melty Blood, but nothing ever came of it. Is it poor layout? Is it the general stipulation that people believe that nothing other then TECHNICAL questions regarding the games we work on are allowed? I’m not sure how that ever started. Once a conversation about any game starts, it usually dies or someone says something like “This forum isn’t for discussing the games, it’s only for technical issues” sort of bull.

I know this should probably be a blog instead of a front page story, but i want to know everyone’s reason for not using our forums. Please leave your comments as a response, even if someone else already stated the reason.

*Update* Anyone using the web developer extension for Firefox, please update to the newest version, this may be the cause of your registration problems.

30 thoughts on “What is so unlikable about the forums?

  1. Well the design looks kind of boring. I personally think that the forum is way too structural you should add more topics or even a area just for random talking. Dedicate a area just for game talk and tech talk. A direct IRC chat program would be nice though =OD well i hope i kind of helped…..

  2. lol,I’m new yet want to give a comment here. :p

    IMO,there’ll be more people here when you guys declared
    “we’re going to translate PLUS-DISC and Kagetsu Touya too!!”
    ..kidding…but seriously,is there no planning to translate those two great sequel for Tsukihime?

    Anyway,I think the real reason is we got Beast Lair’s,and most of the member here and even the translation staff are members of Beast Lair’s,so they stick to only one place to do a forum…I guess…

    Kill me if you want(in dream…)..but I’d still like to request the translation of PLUS-DISC and Kagetsu Touya!!!Onegaiiii!!!!

  3. I don’t know about other people but it was quite a task just to sign up for the forums. The human verifying image was incredibly difficult — I had to keep trying over and over until the image only read ‘A’ and ‘B’, ( kind of hard to get that wrong!:P ) but my point is, a lot of people probably try to register, find it too difficult, and go elsewhere.

  4. I’ll tell you straight out. Your layout sucks. I mean, we’re talking black hole suck here. Yes, it’s that bad. You need to skin it or something at least, because as it stands, it’s not interesting. Make it look like the mirrormoon homepage or something, because your homepage is cool.

  5. I have no clue, it could just be random chance. Plus, forums have that tendency of snowballing, as the amount of posters rises more like a parabolic curve than a straight progression as more people will be attracted to post on a regular basis if the board is more lively.

  6. dont know havent actually been in the forum…but now that u mentioned it i might start…:P

    *EDIT hmm just tried joining the forum but seems i keep on getting this error…

    Error scanning for proxies

  7. I try to register to the forum two times : at my home and at my work. The two times i got a proxies error.I don’t know why. Maybe it’s because i’m located in france.
    If no one could register to the forum like me it might also be an obstacle to use this forum.
    Another improvement to the forum i think, it would be nice if you did a thread like a blog, updated very regurlarly about advancement of projects. It would avoid all threads like “When would it be released???!!”.
    That’s my opinion.

  8. Well mainly it took me a year to track down my copy of Fate/Stay Night, and since I’m very slow at translating I can hardly get very far in the game. So how can I discuss the game when I’ve barely played it. when I start getting further I will use the forums to discuss the Type Moon games.

  9. I know personally i had a terrible time signing up. I tried 3 different email accounts and none of them recieved registration emails. Finally I had to create some random yahoo account to get registration to work and here I am.

    Also i have to agree with the people who ask for info on the progress of the FSN translation. Although as a programmer I understand all to well that if you give a release date, even if its just a casual this MIGHT be an eta for release people will jump down your throat if you don’t deliver by that time, but could you at least make a post every now an then that just says something like “Work progressing steadily” or “We are currently still working”? Something as minor as that would likely generate discussions in the forum.

  10. The layout of the forums is definately different than from before. We didnt even have a general type moon chat sub-forum previously.

  11. i heard leaving your bittorent clients open and downloading while registering also causes the proxy errors. might want to try turning your p2p software off while doing so. might help

  12. yeah i dont think thats the problem with mine…coz i dont even have any p2p or any type of downloads going on in the background when i try to register…i just keep on getting that porxy error…weird coz i am able to register with other forums that are using a similar script

  13. When it comes to Melty Blood inparticular… the MB scene is only now just starting to pick up steam. For the west coast, http://www.meltybread.com is currently KICKIN’ IT. I direct people I get interested in MB in person to that forum.

    So perhaps the reason why your MB board failed is because it didn’t tap the right base of MB players?

  14. Personally, I think there is nothing wrong with the layout. I like it just the way it is. Why doesn’t the site attract more people to the forums? Well, for me, there are several reasons.

    1. I’m already a member of another fansite forum. Being in a second would probably be awkward for me if I ever tried it, thus my reluctance to do it.

    2. Lack of information. What usually grasps my attention is my need to satisfy my curiosity. The Moonlit World/Beast’s Lair probably did it for me. Even though most of it was engrish, it did its job pretty well. Still, I like reading other sites to see if I can discover anything new.

    3… I’m not sure if there is one. Honestly, the only reason I come on this site is to see your progress on translations. I’d like to apologize for being a lurker and thank you for doing an excellent translation of Tsukihime and Melty Blood. If only I had any experience in programming or with languages, I’d have loved to ask to help out. Unfortunately I don’t and coming just to post asking how far you’ve progressed isn’t really what I want to do. Again, thanks for all you’ve done and keep up the good work!

  15. Well, I had thought a long time ago to start up a site called “MeltyBlood.net”, but after I became disinterested in Type-Moon plus having next to no free time, I sort of put it on the back burner.

    The general proxy problem seems to be caused by FireFox in general not refreshing the cache correctly. It still an issue I’m aiming to address, but I’m doing more research on it. My easy fix would be to recommend you register using Internet Explorer or Opera (if you have it) if you fail to register with FireFox.

    There are new themes uploaded to the forum. We’re working on a mod of “subBlack Blue” to make as the default theme, after addressing a few short comings.

  16. I realized that you’ve changed the forums. Black is great but dark blue font with grey backround is really bad imo. Those topics in mainpage are hard to read without putting cursor on them..

  17. When i enter the homepage, i see blogs, so i thought this is a bloggin place, so i never notice that there is a forum button. Plus there’s a link to view comments reply to your blog at the bottom, so I only post if there a new blog update.

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