Tsukihime English v1.1

Today we release an updated version of Tsukihime English. Everyone is strongly encouraged to update their installation to v1.1 as it both solves and prevents several problems that were found in the first release. [Edit: Read the warning at the bottom of this post!] Most notably, we have received many reports of v1.0 freezing at random locations and with the help of Danj have traced it to the mp3 playback routines. We have therefore switched to using ogg files for the music instead of mp3, read chapter 7 of the readme for more details.
The new version also fixes several other small bugs and a large number of typos. The Tsukihime English v1.1 installer can be used both as a standalone installer and as an updater from v1.0. To update, simply run the installer and make sure it installs to the directory of your current Tsukihime English installation. You can download the file from our MediaFire mirror or through MEGA.

Note that the End User License Agreement has been updated to include a clause about modification or redistribution. Please read the EULA before agreeing to it.

Many thanks to everyone who reported bugs and script errors, we greatly appreciate it. Please use this thread (Archived) to report bugs in v1.1, and this thread (Archived) to report typos and other textual errors. I refer to the previous post for links to Yahoo! Japan Auction searches concerning Tsukihime and Tsukibako. We hope you continue enjoying Tsukihime English!

Warning! It appears that v1.1 breaks compatibility with the savegames from v1.0. Not all, but some of your savegames will crash the game the moment you reach the end of a script. If you encounter this problem, there currently are only two ways to solve this: Either you start from the beginning and use the ‘Skip parts previously read option’ (in the game options menu) to quickly skip to the part where you left off, or you reinstall v1.0 back and finish your route.

We are very sorry for this blunder, it would appear that we have understimated the stupidity of NScripter’s and ONScripter’s save algorithms. We will try to find a better solution for this problem, until then we recommend not to updated to v1.1 until you have finished a route and are ready to start the game from the beginning. Note that only the savegames themselves do not work, your settings and scores will transfer properly if you update (or downgrade).

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  1. i am very lost.. this is the first time i am playing and installing these Japanese games are their a list of components i need? and in the tsuk. hime install it asks me for a disk….. mind you i havent installed 1.0 would it be better to install 1.0 or 1.1 with all the problems ur having

  2. I’m a chinese fan of Tsukihime.In china there is also a chinese patch,however,that isn’t perfect.
    Fansub didn’t complete ways of Akiha Tohno and Arcueid Brunestud.You did a good job!!!You completed all the ways!!!
    Thank you very much for your job!!!I will continue to support you!!!

  3. It means you don’t have a copy of the real CD in your E drive. *cough* I really wonder how that happened…

    So what you need to do is acquire a copy of the real CD (I hope to God you buy it), insert it into your disc drive and direct the English patch to that directory.

  4. I’m having the same problem as some people a few moths ago: it seems that the download server is down, both http mirror and BitTorrent. You did a great job with the other translations, so I’d say this one won’t be less. I hope the server is back up soon.

    Almost forgot to thank you for this one and all the patches, so that’s it, γ‚γ‚ŠγŒγ¨γ†γ”γ–γ„γΎγš

    Edited: lol, as soon as I posted this, I could download the patch =P I’ll run it just now and I’ll tell you if I find any mistakes.

  5. The mirrors they have are sufficient. The visualnews server should be back up relatively soon, and really, is quite reliable. If, on the other hand, you’re offering to pay for another mirror, that may be another story. Sorry if this comes off as harsh, but, really, you’re lucky to have the mirrors you DO have, and I’ve seen far too many cases where posts like these are simply complaints. Wait till tomorrow, and, with luck, your mirrors will be up. Try to keep a little patience. You also would have known this if you had bothered to check the visualnews forums, which, even if you didn’t know existed, a simple google search would have revealed to you. Try to learn to use what’s available to you rather than complain about what isn’t.

    Here’s the info on VisualNews as posted today by Misu from their forums:

    Yes, the main site is on Dreamhost, as is all the sub sites we host. The forums are on my personal server over at a datacenter in Seattle. I’m still working on transition over but then this happened?

    What happened?
    Simple, I havent paid the Dreamhost bill yet

    The problem?
    Had a big finanical hit at the beginning of this month and I’ve been living of $50 for the past two weeks.

    The solution?
    Payday is (thank god) tomorrow.

    Sorry about the inconvenience.

    Seriously though, if I sound upset, that’s not exactly what I’m trying to portray, but, if I get even one person to approach these incidents just a little more intelligently, I’ll be happy. For those who were simply trying to help, of course, have a nice day πŸ™‚

  6. If you’re responding to what moogy and I wrote, then I don’t get your post at all. Where have we complained? All I did was make a very (un)funny joke with mirrors and mirrormoon.

    But anywho, no matter how much you tell usthat you weren’t trying to be “mean”, it really does sound like you’re being condescending.

    When a main website is down, what’s the chance that someone might think that the forum might be up? Not me. I went to visualnews.net, their whole main site was down so I naturally assumed that their whole server might be down, which also includes their forums. Eep, seems like I used commonsense, sorry.

    If you haven’t noticed, the second link is a bittorent file. This could easily but uploaded elsewhere and if you disagree then I’m not getting the point of using bittorrent instead of direct download. Isn’t spreading a torrent file/adding trackers the best thing to keep the torrent file alive other than constantly wasting your own bandwidth? Sorry if I’m wrong but I thought this is how bitorrent worked.

    Simply asking for another mirror doesn’t hurt and doesn’t warrant the type of reply you gave. I’d be happy to host the patch or the torrent file(which is better) on my server and I’m sure there will be other people willing. Am I less appreciative for thinking this way? I personally don’t think so.

    I apologize: I’ll never post another question or a comment regarding this site ever again.

  7. No need to react that way, Mirrormoon does not owe any of us anything, so we’re not in the position to even start such a discussion. Be patient and wait a while, there’s other stuff to do besides Tsukihime.

  8. Such a huge fuss over such a tiny thing. Rikku is very right, let’s take for a moment the amount of time the patch links will be down…say anywhere from a day to a week at worst. Now take in to consideration the amount of time it took to create the patch you are waiting for. Does it seem like such a long time to wait now? It shouldn’t, patience is a virtue ^^. I’m not saying it’s wrong to ask about the status of a site though…it’s perfectly natural to get a bit confused when a site suddenly goes AWOL, nor would I expect anyone to assume someone has their forums on a separate server.

    All i’m saying is let’s not get so bent out of shape, there is plenty of stuff we can do in the meantime ^^ I know I have like a back load of 12 games just waiting to be played, very useful when problems arise. So to the people who got confused, relax and enjoy yourselves till the patches are available again, for the people who got angry over them asking relax and enjoy yourselves! Simple, no?

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  9. Heh, the main point of my post in the first place was simply that the mirror will probably be up sometime today. In addition, the comment was NOT directed towards you really, it was more to A) Stop further posts of the same thing, which often happens B) Give advice on how it might be possible to find things you’re looking for even under circumstances when the site is down.

    As far as being condescending goes, yes, I can see how you might read it that way, but, I was actually trying to minimize that, which is actually slightly difficult to do. I didn’t want to be just another “Just ******* google it” person. But, I am sincerely sorry if I offended you, my only intention is to help and I would feel bad if you took my comment to mean you should never post again. So, please, try to take my post for the info it contained; any part you read as an attack or me saying I’m better than you were most definitely not intended in that manner.

    With luck, the mirror will be back sometime today πŸ™‚

    But, since I may have been too obtuse earlier, this is what I was trying to get people to find with my original post:


    The first result in a google search for the filename.

    I just believe, to quote an old maxim: Give someone a fish and you’ll feed them for a day; Teach them to fish and you’ll feed them for a lifetime.

  10. No problem. I should have mentioned that I have the patch installed already. I was just wondering what was going on with the link and things just went off the tangent, which was just about Limerick’s original post and really had nothing to do with Mirrormoon.

    Believe me, I’m very appreciative of the translations. Just because I have a suggestion, which could go on deaf ears but a suggestion regardless, doesn’t make me any less appreciative of their patch.

    ANYWHO, my original post was, again, a poor attempt at a joke. Don’t take it too seriously and I also apologize for the misunderstanding.

  11. hmm… it appears that the link doesn’t work… but i guess that’s fine too. beggars can’t be choosers. i just hope it gets fixed sometime in the near future

    thanks for translating it anyway. much appreciation. even though i havent played it yet.

  12. First of all, thanks a billion for this patch, the Chinese one might not come on until I graduate…..orz…

    So, if I have the games in CD with me and I just download this patch, I would be able to play it, even without the 1.0 version or any save files, is that right?

    Thanks again

  13. The mirror and BT are down for a while~ the link you gave is the same with the patch above? Thanks man~

    A Question
    So, if I have the games in CD with me and I just download this patch, I would be able to play it, even without the 1.0 version or any save files, is that right?

    Thanks again

  14. The front page also has links for the patchs provided by mirror moon.

    If you download the patch you use their installer along with the CD to install the game on to your computer. All you need is their patch and the CD, no save files or anything. The only thing about save files was that their updated version did not support cross version saves.

    ~The dream and story one man writes with the tip of the blade, another man can write even better with the tip of a pen~

  15. This is kinda off topic but can someone give me a detailed guide on how to work the Piece thing in utawarerumono??? I know squat about Japanese language so it would be a great help if anyone can teach me how to work this.Thanks in advance XD. And by the way I already finished the game in Hard 1-3. I just want to get all the titles ^_^

  16. um i installed it the translations are working fine but i cant see any images ._. is it supposed to be like this coz this is my first time using a english patch ._.
    please help

  17. Thanks a lot guys!
    The mirrors are both down, I don’t know if it is temporary or not since it’s been quite while this was release.

    I’m going to search the patch on the web, so it would be really helpful if someone could give me the md5sum or SHA1/2, hell any hash so I could check the authenticity…
    Better safe than sorry!

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