mirror moon looking for beta-testers

There only seems to be a few people from the first beta alive, so we’re looking for beta-testers for Tsukihime. If you have contacted me about it earlier, you will have to do so again.

Interested? Head over to the Application Form.

Any beta-testers from the first beta who are ready to test but hasn’t received an email from me, please contact me.

EDIT: Applications close Friday, May 19th, GMT+10. So your best bet is to submit the application on Thursday.

14 thoughts on “mirror moon looking for beta-testers

  1. I wish all the (potential) beta testers good luck. I think I have the required skills (even if I’m not a native of any english-speaking country), but as it says, it will take lots of time and spoil the story more or less.

    I’d rather wait for the final release 🙂

  2. I’m a little curious… How many beta-testers are you looking for? Are you planning on gathering up all those who pass, or is there gonna be a specific number?? Also, chendo’s blog says you guys have 17 testers already… how many of those are the new recruits??

  3. Tsk…17 already, is it…?
    I myself don’t have any understanding of Tsukihime whatsoever, sadly…
    All I know is what I’v figured out from playing Melty Blood…

    I did like reading through the test, though ^___^ That engrish is funny…

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