We have 17 beta testers now and there’s still four days before applications close. I’m a lot stricter this time, so anyone who doesn’t get a reply, no hard feelings.

Of course, if we do need more beta-testers, I’ll ask for some more, and possibly review the ones that didn’t pass the first one.

And I found this as part of the reason why they deleted the mirror moon wikipedia article.

They haven’t actually even finished translating anything yet, never mind whether translating an obscure H-game is notable. –UsaSatsui 12:43, 24 April 2006 (UTC)

I found it absolutely hillarious. Of course, nice to see that Haeleth and Gp32 were defending us, thank you ^_^

Well, it was deleted because it broke WP:V and WP:VAIN, so maybe when we actually release Tsukihime and someone else writes the article, we won’t have our own little article on wikipedia 🙁

chendo – out

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