KnK Chapter 3 Part 01

When I was still small, I once cut my hand while playing house.
Borrowed things, fake things, made things…
It is because a real one was mixed in within all those cooking utensils.
While I was playing with this pretty sharp object, I have cut myself between the fingers.
When I returned to my mother with a red hand,
I remember her scolding me, then crying, and then kindly embracing me.
Mother said it must have hurt.
More than those words that I did not understand, I was more happy about the fact that mother embraced me, and I started crying with my mother.
Fujino, the pain would go away once the cut heals…
Mother said so as she wrapped bandages around me.
I do not know what those words mean…
Because not even once did I feel any pain.

3. Remaining Sense of Pain (Ever cry, never life) -Asagami Fujino-



“You brought an unusual letter of introduction.”

I’m at a laboratory at an university. An old man whose white lab coat suited him offers me a handshake with a reptile-like smile.

“Wow, supernatural powers? You’re interested in such a thing?”

“No, I just want to know what kind of a thing it is.”

“That’s what you call interest. But who cares though. To use her card as a letter… that’s just like her. She was an outstanding student of mine, so I’m concerned about her. This place is getting less people who can be used, so we don’t have enough human resource. Yup, not enough is not good.”

“Um, about the supernatural powers…”

“Oh yeah, supernatural powers… But there are many different kinds of powers. We don’t measure them genuinely here, so I don’t know if I could help you. In this occupation, this is the ominous subject, so there’s only several laboratories that study this subject in Japan. This thing is a blackbox, you know? So the real details doesn’t get to me. Yeah, I heard it’s getting practical, but I have to wonder. That thing is, you know, something you have to have since you are born…”

“I really don’t care about the classification. I think it’s PK anyways. What I want to know is how people end up with these powers.”

“It’s channels. You watch TV?”

“Well, yeah… but what about it?”

“You compare human brain to channels. Which channel do you usually watch?”

“… Let’s see, I guess it’s channel 8.”

“That’s it. That should be the channel with the highest rating, right? Let’s say there are 12 channels in a human brain. The brain of you and me are always on channel 8, the channel with the highest rating. There are other channels but we can’t go there. The channel that everyone watches… should I say common sense? Channel 8 is the channel we have as we can live within that common sense. Do you understand?”

“… Um, so you’re saying we’re made to watch the safest programs?”

“No no. That’s for the best. The common sense of the 19th century, the channel with the highest rating is channel 8. Since we can be there, that’s the most peaceful, right? We live in that common sense and we are protected by that common sense… isn’t it beautiful?”

“You’re saying other channels are not peaceful?”

“I don’t know. Let’s say channel 3 is a channel that receives the words of plants instead of people. Let’s say that on channel 4, the brain waves to make your body move actually moves something else. It’s amazing to have these kinds of channels. There, the common sense airing on channel 8 doesn’t exist. Since the most popular channel 8 shows the common sense needed to live in this current world, other channels do not show such a thing. At the very least, the morals in channel 8 is not shown.”

“So you mean not having channel 8 would make you mentally abnormal?”

“Yup. Say there’s someone that only has channel 3. That person can talk to plants, but in turn, cannot talk to people. As a result, society treats that person as mentally disabled and locks them up in a hospital. That’s what it means to have supernatural powers. It’s people who have different channels then everyone else from the time they are born. But most people with supernatural powers have such channels as 4 and 8 at the same time and can switch between them. It’s channels so you can switch between them when you want to, right? When you watch channel 4, you can’t watch channel 8. When you watch channel 8, you can’t watch channel 4. People with supernatural powers in society lives by using both of them, the usual self and the abnormal self.”

“I see. So that’s why common sense is useless for the person who only has channel 4… because they don’t have such a thing to begin with.”

“That’s right. Society calls these people as maniacs or killers but we call them “unfit existence”. There are many people unfit for society but these people are unfit right from their existence. They are people who shouldn’t exist… no, they cannot exist. If, this is a what if story, okay? If there was someone who had both channel 4 and 8 and something happened to that person to destroy its body causing that person to be permanently on channel 4, that person is done for. Even though that person knew all the common sense, if they cannot be on the same channel as us, they cannot communicate with us… because they are on a different channel.”

“Is there a way to make the unfit into a fit existence?”

“You can just stop their life. To put it more precisely, you have to destroy the abnormal channel. But to do so means to destroy their brain, so it comes down to killing them. There’s no such thing as killing the channel without killing the body. If there is, that’s what you would really call supernatural powers. That’s around channel 12, I think? That channel can pretty much do anything.”

The professor laughs like it is really funny.

“That was helpful. By the way, is the most popular power in PK bending spoons?”

“What? Spoons can bend?”

“I don’t know about spoons but at least human arms.”

“You mean arms of an adult? That’s pretty amazing. “Distortion” depends on the objects size rather than its hardness. I would think it should take about seven days to bend something like a human arm. So, which way is it? Right? Left?”

“Does that matter?”

“Of course. It has to do with the fulcrum. Even Earth has a direction of rotation, right? What, it’s not constant? Hmm… does that power actually exist? Then you shouldn’t have anything to do with this person. This person has more than two channels. That unfit existence probably can rotate things in both directions. I have never heard of a case of someone having two channels and is able to use them both at once. This is too powerful.”

“Um… I don’t have much time so I should get going. I have to get to Nagano by today… so thank you for all your help.”

“It’s all right. You can come as much as you want if it’s her introduction. Oh, and by the way… is Aozaki-kun doing well?”

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