KnK Chapter 2 Part 8


I end up not going to school the next day. It’s because I was found by a policeman while I stood at the scene of the crime absent-mindedly, and was taken into questioning.

I heard I could not say anything for a few hours. It took me about four hours before my mind returned… I guess my brain doesn’t have that good of a recovery system. Anyways, after I was questioned and released, it was too late to go to school.

By how the man was killed, it’s impossible to not have blood on your cloth. Fortunately, I did not have any blood on me and being the relative of Daisuke Nii-san, I think my questioning went rather smoothly. Daisuke Nii-san offered me a ride home so I take it.

“So you didn’t see anyone, Mikiya?”

“You’re being too persistant. I said I didn’t see anyone.”

I glare at Daisuke Nii-san and sit deep in my seat.

“I see. Damn! It would have helped if you’ve seen the killer… but I guess the killer wouldn’t have let you go alive if you saw him. I can’t let you die, so I guess it’s a good thing for me you didn’t see anyone.”

“You’re not a good policeman, Daisuke-san.”

I hate myself for being able to respond to him in a normal tone. I call myself a liar in my head. … I can’t believe myself that I can lie with such a straight face. And this is police matters we’re talking about here. If I don’t tell the truth, things can only get worse. … But still, I did not say anything about Shiki being at the scene of the crime.

“Well, I’m glad you’re not hurt. So, what’s your impression on the first dead body you saw?”

This mean person asks me such a question in this situation.

“Terrible. I don’t ever want to see it again.”

“This one is special. It’s not as bad normally so be rest assured.”

What does he want me to be assured on?

“But it’s a small world we live in. I didn’t know you knew the daughter of the Ryohgi family.”

The fact that might make him happy gets me more depressed. … The murder that happened in front of Ryohgi’s house is treated as the same killer’s work but the investigation stopped from there. Even the police left the territory of the Ryohgis after their inspection. From what he says, it’s because of the pressure from the Ryohgis. It was recorded that this murder happened in between eleven and twelve at night on February third (Sunday), and the only witness is Kokutoh Mikiya. But it’s recorded that I was there only after the crime has occured and that I was in a state of shock seeing the scene of the crime. The Ryohgi family and I have not said anything about Shiki.

“But didn’t you investigate the people of the Ryohgi?”

Daisuke-san shakes his head to my question.

“The daughter of that place goes to your high school, so I wanted to ask them about it but they refused. They said they didn’t care about what happened outside their house. But from the way I see it, they are innocent, they have nothing to do with the crime.”


I let it out without thinking. I trust Daisuke Nii-san even if it seems like I don’t. It’s even famous in the workplace that this person is not fired because of his superior skill. So that’s why I thought he might suspect Shiki.

“Why do you think so?”

“Hmm, well… do you think such a beautiful girl would kill someone? You don’t, right? I don’t think so too. This is an obvious answer for as a guy.”

… Why did he ever decide to be a policeman? No, more than that, I sigh at how much more carefree he is than me.

“I see. You’ll be single for the rest of your life.”

“Hey now, I can put you in jail.”

I’ll be released because of lack of proof. … But I agree with his opinion. Even though I don’t have the hunch like he does, it is my opinion that Shiki is not the killer. Even if she admits it herself, I believe she is not the one. So now, there is something I must do.


The crime neared it’s solution.

Then from that day until that day three years later, the killer would cease to appear. For me at that time, that incident seemed like it did not concern me. But that happened to be the first and the last incident which involved both Shiki and me.

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