So, I made it to Florida.

So, I made it to Florida.

What a trip. I eventually decided to bring down my S12, and my friend opm made a good argument to do it: “I know a guy who can fix up your front end really cheap…” With this in mind, I was all set to come down by myself and probably have a two day trip, when low and behold my mother decides she wants to come down and look for a job. While I agree, it’s a great idea for her to look for work elsewhere then in crappy PA, she drove me nuts on the way down. I swear my mother was born with the sheer purpose in life but to only moan and groan and complain about every god damn little thing you can imagine: “Michael, I’m cold. Michael, I’m to hot. Michael, I gotta pee.”

So now I gotta play taxi for her for the next week or so she may be down here. If she gets a job, great, she can get another car and go to work and stay wherever. After all the god damn complaining she’s done, none of my new roommates want her around, and I don’t blame them. My mom can’t be made happy, it’s not a possible task. And the worst part is, I cannot get her to shut up, even when we are out in public. She’ll say the most god damn irritating comments, and then giggle at them as if they were witty. She honestly enjoys making a fool out of herself, then wonders why in the hell she can’t keep any friends. I can’t stand her.

So now that I’m down here, I’m just guna chill for a few days and get the feel for my new environment. Today opm and I went with his buddy and played football. I didn’t play though, cause the last tragic time I tried throwing a football in 2002 (oddly enough right after I first brought my current computer online and was installing Windows 2000) was a complete disaster, and I vowed never to repeat such a retarded looking toss ever again. After the football game in 90+ degree weather, we went to the pool at the same place, and swam for about an hour, then just shot the shit with opm’s buddy for another two hours afterwards. I didn’t mind it one bit, and I got to get to learn a bit more about opm’s High School days, and have some good laughs.

The last thing we did was go to the 7-11 that opm works at and talk to his friend about my 200’s front end work. He gave me an estimate of $850 (and he called that on the pricey end just to be safe). This would include not only straightening the sub-frame of the front end out (yay, the main frame isn’t bent), but also doing the body work on the rest of the car and then matching the paint color (who knows, maybe I’ll just get the entire thing painted?). While it’s currently not something I can afford now, I’ve now got a nice goal for the next few months to strive toward. Get a job, fix the body of my car, then look to fixing up the exhaust system. Things are looking up for the first time since the school pulled the money out from under me.

So, I’m tired, I’m going to bed, then waking up and then playing taxi for my mother tomorrow. God I’m guna go crazy listening to her shit…

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