leetspeak: the beginning

… and that’s the name of my art film.

It’s been an epic battle against time here… three days to learn how to use Maya, then use it to create a ~1 minute art film. I did it, but it sucks… although you might say ‘good’ cause I -did- finish it in 3 minutes.

I watched FF7:AC last night. Holy shit. Hoooollyyyyy Shiiiit. (etc etc)

Even though I have never played any of the FFs all the way through (yes, I know, kill me now), but the movie itself had action scenes that completely owned the crap out of stuff like the Matrix. Plus, the CG is -awesome-. And I mean Awesome. The detail is unbelieveable, wind affects hair (which is still clumped in a metaphysical sense to ease the computational needs, but you still see indivudual strands), cloth effects, skin, textures… you really gotta see it for yourself. And considering I’ve actually worked with some 3D animation tools… I can tell you this would’ve taken forever to make and render.

I suggest you all see it.

With the holidays coming up, I’ll have free time to complete the inserter GUI, and try to get the beta-test going ASAP. I make no promises though ;p

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