Inserter status and random life update

Just completely owned the Maths B exam today. All the study I did was three problems from the test last year, and then I went to bed.

After coming home from 12 rounds of DDR (8x double standard and 6x versus heavy, good fun) I sat down and tried up whipping up some effects in After Effects to use in my art film. Got bored of that, so I started working on the graphical Tsukihime Inserter Program, which I have unimaginatively called “Sashikomi” (‘to insert’ in Japanese).

I really need a better name.

Either way, I’m learning PyGTK on the fly and simultaneously cursing Glade as it is a worthless POS that needs an undo function DESPERATELY!

Either way, The basic interface for the program is done and I’m working on integrating the inserting function into the program (to see where the problems occur in the scripts without having to open a AppLocaled notepad, ugh). I’m also thinking of rewriting the inserter completely as the current version is a direct port of the C++ version, which is extremely dodgy and I admit I could’ve done it better.

Assesment left: Maths C test to go and art film to hand in.

Then all that’s left is one small term, then it’s a week of partying at Schoolies, and then into university I go (thinking of a Film/IT double degree with a Japanese minor).

And also, I’m thinking the Tsukihime community is quiet or full of leechers or something… I swear we aren’t getting enough comments considering the supposed popularity of Tsukihime. But that’s just me.

[img_assist|fid=4|thumb=1|alt=Inserter GUI|caption=A days work on the GUI with no prior experience. As you can see, it stalled on the script (unable to match correctly due to a number of factors). But otherwise, it automatically matches string with a Leviwhatever distance being less than 2, due to possible string corruption, blah blah.]

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